the stupendous socktopus

Create a hilarious under sea buddy out of your kiddo’s outgrown tights in less than an hour with my lightning quick tutorial:

Grab 4 funky pairs of outgrown munchkin tights & some bits to create a face

select one pair for the “main body” & chop the legs off of the remaining tights

cut 6 holes in an even-ish pattern around the body area

 decide which legs should go where

flip the body-tights inside out & pop the legs into the holes right sides facing & raw edges lined up

stitch them all together

turn right side out

add a face


stitch the top of the head closed & add a cute embellishment if desired

present the snuggly huggly socktopus to its new owner & let the squeezing commence!

all the tutes!

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0 thoughts on “the stupendous socktopus

  1. Ha! That’s hilarious! Love the butt-face! I don’t know why, but I was surprised to see it so huge compared to your munchkin. It looks like it’s attacking her! 🙂 lisa

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