the stripey sleeve swap: take two

Didja lurv my first stripey sleeve swap?

Then let’s get makin’ the second fantabulous dude-cardigan-recreation…

Grab another oversized cardi & long sleeved t-shirt

chop off the sleeves & neckline of the t-shirt

slice off the cardi sleeves & chop the body half just below the arm holes

pop the cardi sleeves into the t-shirt arm holes with right sides facing & under arm seams lined up and stitch together

grab the body of the cardi & pop it into the neck of the shirt with right sides facing & raw edges lined up and stitch together (should the cardi body be too large to comfortably fit into the t-shirt neckline you can easily shrink the width with two straight side seams)

Flip everything right side out & enjoy your stylin’ new button-up turtle neck…

…undo a couple of buttons to create a completely different neckline!

Stitch the sleeves of the shirt to the remaining top of the cardi (& if you’ve got some leftover scraps use ’em as fancy sleeve cuffs)…

Pop it on with a groovtastic refashioned hat, add a denim hem ring & go rock your new bolero!

Head over check out Take One…which do you prefer?

all the tutes!

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