The 2 for 1 Shirt: a quick DIY for the guys

(Re) Create 2 old button downs in a flash with my next marvelous man-make:

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…gone thrifting: it’s all about potential

Welcome to the first in my brand new series of Top Refashionista Tips for Successful Thrifting Tips!

*This premier episode explains the ins & outs of how to discover the refashioning potential in garments while thrifting.

click the photos below to be taken to the tutorials I revisited to make each fab creation

the Not My Style Dress tutorial

the Dowdy No More tutorial

the 4 from 1…

Transform a t-shirt into a skirt, neck piece & 2 bags with my quick & easy tutorial…

all the tutes!

smashing jackets…

Here’s two fabulously simple fixes for those yawn inducing cool weather coats hiding at the back of your closet…

let’s get makin’…

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Sparkling Silver

Your kitchen holds the key to bright & shiny silver…

Check out my next webisode for the lickety split solution for your dull, tarnished sterling:

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the two step skirt…

Create the funktastic skirt above in just two simple steps…

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Kawaii Bento Picks with Oh! Bento UK

…and just what is a ‘Bento’? Why it’s a fancy Japanese boxed lunch!

Keith's 'Pink Sandwich Bento'

Join clever Keith from Oh! Bento UK & create some completely Kawaii Bento Picks (or cute cupcake toppers) with items you already have lurking about the house:

all the tutes!

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