Hooo’s a big girlie?

Here’s a super quick fix for that never-worn-but-sadly-outgrown munchkin gear:

Let’s get makin’…

Grab that brand new but never worn discovered at the back of the closet dress, shirt, jumper or pair of pants + a cute length of fabric

chop open the sides of your garment

cut your fabric into 2 equal pieces & hem up the raw ends, these will be your side inserts – the size depends entirely on how much the garment needs to be widened to fit your kidlet

pin an insert to one of the chopped sides of the garment (right-sides-facing)

stitch together

pin to the other side

stitch together

then repeat on the other side and chop & hem the bottom of the inserts to match the original garment hem & you’re done!

I wasn’t wild about the tacky applique so I removed as much of it as I could & then created an adorable patchy owl pocket to hide the impossible-to-remove-bits…

Perfect for carrying “bubbies”…

…that’s my girl!

*this technique also works wonderfully on grown-up gear!

all the tutes!

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0 thoughts on “Hooo’s a big girlie?

  1. what a nice idea!

    i’m going to try this this weekend. but i’m still not sure if it will turn into a dress for me or for my daughter. in case of further and persisting doubt: one for each of us (at least).

    have a lovely weekend

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