heady botanicals: diy flower crowns & headbands

Here’s a wee salute to the 70’s that’ll definitely put more power in yer flower(s)…

– pardon the horrendous word play & get makin’ –

Grab some faux blooms, a stretchy headband & yer glue gun (plain old regular glue will do too)

*create a cute n’ quick headband by simply gluing the ends of a length of lace around a folded xxl hair elastic

remove a few flowers from their stems & decide how to arrange ’em on the headband

trim off any excess pokey plastic bits

& hot glue ’em in place!

too easy!

and it can also be worn as a groovy necklace…

or transform a hat from hipster to hippie!

Got a lei layin’ around? Chop it up & glue a few blossoms to a kiddo headband…

freakin’ adorable!

all the tutes!

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