a Refashionista wastes nothing: the diy pant leg bag

Anyone who’s ever reconstructed a garment knows the importance of hoarding stockpiling squirreling away neatly storing the excess bits & pieces for possible future use – even if those around you think you’re completely nuts for holding onto that tiny scrap of gorgeous vintage silk or that broken zipper pull… you know, eventually, inspiration will strike & it’ll be just the thing you’ve been looking for to finish (or begin) a project…

Any theories as to which lovely leftover I unearthed to create the nifty little bag above?

Root around your own stash & create your own:

Snag a pant leg (this is one of the funky pinstriped legs leftover from my Chuffed with my Cuff skirt), a necktie & a coordinating button

turn the pant leg inside out

fold up the raw end about 1cm

press flat

fold the pressed end of the pant leg up to the other end – flipping it over itself & keeping the tube-shape intact (the pant leg then becomes its own bag lining)

stitch together

sew the bottom closed…

and box the corners if desired

grab the necktie & arrange & pin it in place on either side of your almost-a-bag for the strap

stitch it on

attach your awesome button-hole foot & put it to work…stitch on your button & you’re done!

a fantastically quick project that also makes a groovy lil’ gift!

all the tutes!

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0 thoughts on “a Refashionista wastes nothing: the diy pant leg bag

  1. Love it! What a great way to re-purpose an old tie, and leftover material. This is what I think is so great, making something useful from something that’s no longer wanted. I take my son’s old shorts and make quick totes for water bottles and matching mobile phone totes. Everyone loves them.

  2. so cool! i am definitely a nut who holds onto all the little tiny scraps. my husband has lost hope on me… though he does load me with praise when he sees how i use all the little bits and pieces!

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