easy peasy DIY tot teepee

Can you guess what I upccyled to create that über fancy munchkin tent?

I guarantee you’ll be able to make your own easy peasy DIY tot teepee in about 30 minutes with an item lurking at the back of your closet.

The item every woman has in her wardrobe but never wears & will eventually find its way into the refashion stash, donation box or rubbish bin – a dowdy full skirted maxi dress!

It fits like a tent anyway so why not just let it become one?

you’ll also need: scissors, string, elastics, thick thread, a needle, a length of stretched out t-shirt…

and 6 bamboo poles – any lightweight pole/pipe/stick will do, the longer your poles the bigger your finished teepee (or is it ‘tipi’?) will be.

Grasp all of the poles together & make sure the ends are all even & flat on the floor.

Wrap with elastic(s) to hold together & push the elastic 15-20cm down the poles.

Splay the poles out evenly leaving a wider space for the door area.

Weave the string under, over, around & between the top of the poles to firmly secure them together.

The frame for your teepee is complete!

Drape the maxi dress over the frame & find the best ‘fit’. Depending on the style of your dress you may have to do some clever snipping at the top – as mine was a halterneck I simply had to chop off the neck ties.

Once you’re happy with the drape of the dress grab that needle & embroidery thread and stitch the fabric closed around the top of the poles on the outside.

Decide exactly where you’d like the opening to be

and chop straight up the middle. The height of the door depends entirely on the height of your munchkin.

Crawl into the nearly-done-teepee & stitch around the top of the poles, through the fabric and back again to secure.

By the time I had finished awkwardly stitching the top together, my tot teepee had freakishly transformed into a mommy sweat lodge.

After you’ve poked your head out & sucked in some fresh air, duck back in & secure the fabric to the poles about halfway down.

That’s it!

I didn’t really like the look of the naked string so I wound a piece of stretched out t-shirt around the top to cover it resulting in a much cleaner look.

Fill it with comfy pillows

and try to explain to the dog that the cool new teepee is not his!

all the tutes!

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17 thoughts on “easy peasy DIY tot teepee

  1. Awesome!!!!!! THANK YOU for posting this!!! I soooo need to make one of these with lace instead of the t-shirt fabric as a photo prop for some mini-sessions that I want to have out in a field!! It will be so PERFECT!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think my next project will be to make a very small, cat-sized one. We’ve got some cupboards above the fridge with about 2ft of clearance between them and the ceiling (the cats access it from the other side via catwalk) and this would be less of an eyesore than the cardboard box we’ve got up there for them to hide in. Thanks for the idea!

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