Bulky diaper boxes to funky storage: an upcycling tutorial

Since our little stinker now fits into size 3 diapers we’ve finally been able to buy them in bulk cartons of 92 & 100 (instead of trying to cart home 4 separate packages of 28 in each – for twice the price! We’re finding out that the smaller things are, the more expensive they get!). It’s great have so many diapers in the house at one time but it seems such a waste to squash & recycle the sturdy boxes they come in. I found a great way to utilize both sizes of diaper boxes reducing the amount of cardboard needed to be recycled & giving us (& our friends) cool new storage!

*Any size of boxes will do as long one can easily fit inside of the other.

What you need:

Boxes, wrapping paper (or any paper with a pattern you like, newspaper looks cool too!), glue (papier mache or Mod Podge work as well), box cutter, small plastic tub & paint brush

Cut off the flaps of the smaller box (if any), then cut the bottom off of the larger box, this will be the lid for your storage crate. (we cut about 5cm from the bottom of the box leaving a nice thick edge on the lid)

Try the lid on the box, cut more off of the edge if desired.

Pour your glue into a small plastic tub, paint some onto your box & start sticking your paper! (I tore my paper into pieces to cut down on air bubbles & give the finished product a patchwork-y look)

Continue ripping and sticking your paper until your box & lid are completely covered. Make sure that you paint the glue over previously stuck paper, especially the edges/corners. Overlapping the paper & brushing a final coat of glue will ensure fewer wrinkles & air bubbles & strengthen the final product.

Once all of your parts are covered with paper (& crazily sticky!) leave them to dry. The hot Berlin sun had mine completely dry in about an hour. Flip your boxes over and glue down any excess paper (I folded & stuck paper over the interior edges of my boxes & lids to cover the sharp rim of the cardboard)

Let the last bits of glue dry & voila! Funky new storage (or gift) boxes!

*total cost: €1.45 (glue & wrapping paper)

all the tutes!

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  1. I’ve been planning of buying extra boxes for my scrapbook materials and now you gave me an idea of saving those extra penny and make my own using the supplies just inside home! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. This is gorgeous!! I love the tearing-up-the-wrapping part … i’m gonna do that in a future project!

    I did something similar with an old shoebox recently, I converted it into a funky two-tiered sewing kit with more recycled boxes inside. You can take a look at it at my (embarrassingly new) blog http://www.mimiscraftyworld.blogspot.com. x – Mimi

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