A quick puffed sleeve fix

Puffed sleeves are the worst, ugh!

I was lucky enough to thrift a fabulous velvet & wool dress in my Scottish clan tartan when I lived in London & then it sat packed away in 2 different countries until fate had me inherit a sewing machine and teach myself how to use it thus allowing me to begin my upcycling journey & finally refashion the dress into something I’d actually wear:

Here’s my fast fix for those puffy shoulder lumps + the solution to a silly refashionista mistake that I make more often than I like to admit:

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Hi Ho Hi Lo – a refashion to go

When I spied Kristi’s quick fix for a dowdy vintage dress I knew I had finally found the refashioning key to unlocking the frumpy frock that had been languishing in my stash for far too long:

Here’s the snappy step-by-step:

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collared & sleeved – refashion that sleeveless dress

Make that oh-so-comfy tank-dress fit for fall with a couple of manly additions…

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Dowdy No More!

Snag that dowdy dress from the back of your closet & transform it into two wonderfully wearable pieces with my next webisode:

all the tutes!

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dour to darling…

What’s an über quick way to update a rather hideous dress from the 80’s?

Transform it into a boho-esque blouse with a couple of snips & 15 minutes worth of stitches!

Here’s how:

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easy peasy DIY tot teepee

Can you guess what this über fancy munchkin tent used to be?

I guarantee you’ll be able to make your owneasy peasy DIY tot teepee in less than 30 minutes with an item lurking at the back of your closet…

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The Jolly Jumpsuit

Create your own Salute to the King with mommy’s outgrown (sniff, sob, fracking babyweight) button-up dress & a couple snips & stitches – your munchkin will be rockin’ & rollin’ in under 30 minutes!

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1 dress to 6 items…& counting

… bought this dress (in size xxxl) on super summer sale for €3.00 …

so far I have made a tunic top, maxi dress, shoulder bag, waistband, ruffled baby top & covert flower….

…and there’s still some big scraps left for a few more refashions!

more wordless refashions…