Caged Stones…

Create these quirky necklaces with a few pulchritudinous parking lot pebbles & bits you’re sure to have lurking about the house!

Go scrounge up some interesting looking rocks & give them a good scrub – kidlets are fabulous finders & cleaners!

Let the stones dry completely…

…give them a spray with clear varnish to shine ‘em up & bring out any natural details. (quick tip: to avoid sticky-messy-stones, slice up a plastic bag to use as a backdrop instead of newspaper – the rocks will neatly peel off when dry)

Grab some wire (any will do) & needle nosed pliers (or tweezers).

Poke around your jewellery box and snag a few never-worn-necklaces (or just visit the thrift store).

Get one of your shiny stones and wrap & twist the wire around the center…

wind it around a few times (both length & width-wise)

unwind about 30cm of wire & cut it from the spool, weave it through the top & create a small loop

twist the wire around the base of the loop a few times, et voila – you have a ring to hang it from!

Continue wrapping & twisting the wire around the stone, weaving it in and around itself tightly to secure it and ‘cage’ the stone. Trim & tuck the pokey wire end…

attach your fancy new pendant to one of your thrifted necklaces…

and you’re done!

For a slightly different look grab a long stone & wrap & twist the wire around the center

wrap & twist as above but this time create one loop on one side…

…and another loop on the other side. Continue wrapping, weaving & twisting the wire, then trim & tuck the pokey end and…

deconstruct a necklace in the middle & attach it to each side of your caged stone


Get creative! Here I imprisoned 3 small stones then added ‘em to a thrifted beaded necklace…

I’m definitely getting an early start on Christmas gifts this year!

all the tutes!

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