Hooked up: a quick decor diy

Don’tcha love paint? Just look what it (+ a wee bit of imagination) can do…

You can snag an ultra plain Tjusig coat hook for half price at Ikea…

before assembling it, give the metal hooks a spray with paint you have lurking in the closet, screw it all together & brush on some…erm…artistic flowers with the acrylics from the €1 shop…

pop some dots on the ends with a Q-tip…

and add a crapload to the top as well…

give it a few coats of clear varnish & put it to work on the back of the door holding all of the grab n’ go munchkin hoodies.

all the tutes!

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1 + 1 = cool

 Two never-worn blasé necklaces combined with a touch of refashionista magic equals a couple of brilliant bijou stunners:

a super sized egg-y nest

a mellifluous blue beauty

Here’s what I did:

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thrilled to the gills & a squeee!

My glorious skirt, created by the ludicrously talented Lisa of Cucicucicoo, has arrived, bringing with it much joy & a brilliant surprise gift for my munchkin:

How funkilicously fabulous is that?!

Words cannot express how absolutely awesome my new skirt is…I freaking lurv it!

Can you guess what genius lurks in this adorable kidlet roll that kept my skirt company on the exciting journey from Italy to Germany?

Meine Güte, ist das toll?! An über clever travel chalkboard complete with eraser & chalk! Ingenious!

…and here’s another look at my groovy skirt – paired with my multi-button-cuff sweater, tights, army boots & fabulous new birthday hat (courtesy of the munchkin)

A massive Grazie mille! to Lisa + a huge Canadian bear hug & sloppy wet German kiss!

*Pop over to Lisa’s blog for fab’ refashions, kidlet crafts, upcycling ideas, quirky humour and a generous dose of spicy Italian!

…and here’s what I created for her (& her scrumptiously adorable kidlets)

all the tutes!

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nifty new jeans in a jiffy!

ah, cute baby jeans, why can you never fit properly? I don’t know if my munchkin is uncommonly shaped but the only jeans that seem to fit her right off the rack are über plain & industrial looking. The absolutelyadorablemustbuynow denims that fit in the waist are always too short…luckily she has a clever mommy who ensures that she always steps out in style:

Industrial no more!

Added length? Yes, please!

Here’s my lickety-split solutions for those tot trousers that just don’t cut it…

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Berlin: The 21st most liveable city…?

When the fabulous Agy of Green Issues wrote about the world’s most liveable cities  I was pleasantly surprised to see Berlin on the list…even more surprising? It was ranked 21 out 50! The best part? She wanted to know exactly what made these cities so “liveable” and I got to write about Berlin!

and so…

without further ado…

here’s my groovy Berlin liveability interview with Agy

Scrap Happy Refashioned Armbands

Remember my Amazing Apron Top?…I made these cuties from the leftover scraps:

Here’s how to make a few for yourself in a flash:

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The Amazing Apron Top

What’s so amazing about this top? Aside from the fact that I created it using something I pinched from Oma’s kitchen…it turned out exactly as I had imagined! (a rare occurrence in my world of refashioning)

Go pilfer your own Oma’s kitchen drawers & create your own…

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