The 10 minute diy camera strap

Meet my early birthday present to myself:

Isn’t it dreamy? A glorious new bridge camera that will (hopefully) help me take kick-arsch photos for this humble blog & my continuing Confessions of a Refashionista series. The only negative I have yet to discover about this groovy piece of technology is the insanely boring strap…so I transformed it lickety-split with one of my favourite refashioning ingredients:

Purty awesome, eh?

Here’s how to make your own under 10 minutes…

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sweet sleeves…

Got a t-shirt that could use some sweetening up?

…slice it, dice it, tie a bow or two & in 15 short minutes you’ll be rockin’ a sweet new shirt!

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Lighten up…

How über cool is my new denim shirt?

You can easily funk-up your own using a lil’ something you have under your sink…

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babylicious leg warmers

Any idea what I created these beautious boho leg warmers out of?

Here’s a hint: you can make ’em in a few seconds with an item your tot has outgrown

Give up? Read on for the super simple answer & lightning fast how-to…

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(my) Thai fisherman pants

Presenting the most comfortable pants on the planet:

I wore my original-purchased-in-Thailand-from-a-dude-on-the-beach Thai fisherman pants for more years than I care to admit until they literally fell apart.

Luckily my brain figured out just how simple they are to create – and the best part? They can easily be created to fit every body type and you can wear ’em to workout, lounge about, go shopping, hit the town or just sleep! + they look great dudes & dudettes of all ages!

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The Refashioned Boho Baby Tunic

a what-was-I-thinking vest + a bit of hand stitching = a funky new munchkin tunic!

here’s how to effortlessly make your own in about 15 minutes…

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easy peasy DIY tot teepee

Can you guess what I upcyled to create that über fancy munchkin tent?

I guarantee you’ll be able to make your own easy peasy DIY tot teepee in less than hour with an item lurking at the back of your closet.

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Thought for the day…