Creepy Caricatures: a diy 3D portrait tutorial

I’ve been creating eerily fun 3D portraits for years as über personalized gifts for ecstatic-to-receive-them-friends but for whatever reason never thought to make any of my own family…until now:

DIY Upcycled Caricature Masks

…obviously not exact likenesses but a hilarious addition to the living room wall nonetheless! With a touch of creativity & some bits ‘n’ bobs from around the house you’ll be hanging up your own in no time flat:

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Rockin’ Vintage Necktie Wristlets

** Check out my all new & improved Vintage Necktie Wristlet Tutorial in my fancy schmancy Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zig Zag e-book, available worldwide! **

Remember those completely adorkable necktie wristlets from Pillows-a-la-Mode? Well, I finally found a few spare minutes to create some of my own…

with a variation of the groovy original tutorial I managed to make mine slightly larger & a bit thinner…read on for my version of p.a.l.m’s awesome necktie wristlet:

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more tutorial re-visits…

As my original Jolly Jumpsuit turned out so well and was so easy to make when I discovered a psychedelic super soft jersey blouse in my stash I just had to make another one for the munchkin to groove around in!

Whilst foraging through the storage room I came across 2 bamboo-fabric placemats that just begged to be turned into Krimskrams Körbe!

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a lil’ refashionista magic

Hurra! Hurra! Come one, come all & watch how I transform an anythingbutsexy xxxxl nightie into a beautious boho blouse…abrakadabra zingzangzooie…let the show begin!

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Let’s get it on – a DIY Headboard Ikea Hack Attack

Did you know that 1 in 10 Europeans were conceived on an Ikea bed? Our little scamp is among that flat-packed-furniture-boot-knockin 10% so even though our bed had its fair share of battle scars & we really wanted a funky new frame, we decided to see what creative improvement we could come up with because I’m so cheap for sentimental reasons:

As the old Ikea frame was still in excellent, no-squeaking, sturdy-enough-to-bounce-on condition I realized that all that was needed to add some more groove to our bedroom was a new head & foot board…

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The DIY Cupboard Fix: a little lunchtime (ikea) hack

Can you guess the quick and totally necessary hack I did during lunch?

Give up?

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The Perfect Playsuit

No matter how hard I try or how many how-to’s I follow I can’t shirr…there…I admitted it & whew, what a load off my mind! I’m sure I can’t be the only shirr-challenged refashionista out there so I came up with a shirr-cheat guaranteed to fool even the most professional of shirrers:

Lookit that! Shirred bodice, shirred sleeves & shirred hems…all without any actual shirring going on! Here’s the secret:

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Shrink to fit

I scored an absolutely gorgeous silk top for €1…the problem? My entire family could have comfortably camped out in it:

…from tent to top in about 20 minutes

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Books…not just for reading…

I’m a book geek. If given the choice between tv or a good read I’d pick those perfect pages every time. However, as my book collection is slowly taking over any bits of extra space we have & I already made a few secret book safes, I’ve been scouring the ‘net for ingenious re-uses for some of my probablywon’teverreadagain treasures…

It’s a book bag…literally! The always creative Chris from Curbly, a DIY Design Community for people who love where they live, has a super simple video tutorial showing how to make your own kitchy clutch from a funky vintage book.

How freaking clever is that? Lurvly Lauren Elise has an easy to follow tute featured on the grooviness that is the Papersnitch blog. Methinks our bedroom wall collage will have some new additions this weekend.