The doesn’thavetobepretty shopping cart cover

Now that our hosenpuper is big (and balanced) enough to glide through the supermarket in a cart I decided that a germ covering barrier was needed.

The criteria: it had to fit most carts, be compact enough to stuff into my handbag & easily creatable in under an hour – unfortunately nap time is short in our house

A search with Mr. Internet turned up a gorgeous (yet somewhat complicated) pattern & tut’ from lil blue boo and an insanely easy no-sew (yet too huge for a handbag) version from Rookie Moms. During a head-clearing hot shower (where most of my brainstorms occur) I decided to take the best bits from each idea & combine ’em into an easy-to-create-in-under-an-hour-small-enough-to-fit-into-a-handbag cover:

It might not be my prettiest creation but it gets the job done! Here’s how to make one for your own lil’ munchkin:

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Succulent Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

My brother is quite a bit older than me so we really didn’t have that much in common growing up but two things we could always agree on were our hatred for picking rhubarb from the garden and our love for the splendiferous strawberry rhubarb crisp mom would make from those annoying bitter stalks:

Why not make some for yourself?

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Oh-So-Sad to Stylishly Swingin’ a vintage table make-over

Yipee! Our Kleinanzeigen-stalking paid off again!

We scored a fabulous 1960’s dinette set for a mere €10!

Boo! The chair fabric was itchy carpeting & had a definite vintage-reek to it…and the table top had seen it’s fair share of coasterless glasses & gouge-y cutlery…

…with a bit of creativity, funky fabric & chalkboard paint we gave it a groovy new life!

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Chuffed with my cuff!

…with a pair of old trousers, some clever cuts & stitches you can make your own cuffed skirt in minutes!

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wascally wabbit…

After the adorably successful creation of the fantastic Holly of Holloughby’s baby bunny ears

I just had to make a matching top…

here’s how I did it

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Our Coolest Culinary Creation: The DIY Kid’s Kitchen

Our plan to create an affordable adorable munchkin-sized kitchen for our little chef’s first birthday was a rousing success!

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