Clothespin Sweethearts

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I’ve been wracking my (cheapbastard) brain for a final sweet n’ simple prezzie to make for the hubs…cheers to Mr. Internet for showing me this so I could create this:

a kissin’ couple clothespin that’s the mirror image of us!

it’s a cinch to make your own in minutes with stuff you already have on hand…

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The 5 minute cool-down top

As I’m actually starting to see results from my baby-weight-battling workouts I thought I’d treat myself to a fancy cool-down top…until I saw the price tag. €40 for a shirt to wear at the end of a workout is a wee bit out of my budget – not to mention insane…hey…think I can make one for free?

Yup! In 5 minutes & no sewing!

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Kekse zum Knabbern!

Our little sweet pea is in full teething mode (& is sporting 2 shiny new teeth!). We’ve searched everywhere for sugar & chemical-free baby biscuits but apparently they don’t exist in Germany – even in natural food stores, bah! After a few bizarre & slightly frightening results I finally came up with a quick & easy 3 ingredient combination that the baby, the hubs & even the dog love to munch on!

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