Every so often I stumble across ingenious or savvy ideas that simply must be shared and thus a new blog category is born: Your Awesomesauce!

Here’s the first Fantastich Frauen to get things started:

Zip-up Earbuds from LauPre

– a definite whydidn’tIthinkofthat tute! Awesome in it’s simplicity!

Lavender Teabag from Heidi in Lederhosen a.k.a Janine

– this is my go-to handmade gift that’s easily personalized, get creative with the fabric & scents!

Crantastic mmmmmuffins!

As a wee lass I was so addicted to my mom’s homemade muffins it became my nickname. *Which then haunted me in teenaged-life when friends came over!

Cranberry! One of my absolute favourites!

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Health(ier) Brownies

Two of my favourite edibles combined into a low cal treat that tastes sinfully delicious?

You betcha! Delectably divine chocolate almond brownies!

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lactose free peanut butter marshmallows squares

According to Dr. Mom one of my fave treats-to-squish-into-the-highchair as a kid  is also low in fat, stays fresh forever, requires no baking and best of all? only 4 ingredients!

Melt in your mouth peanut butter marshmallow squares…droolicious!

 4 ingredients & 4 quick steps to make your own:

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Here’s an awesomely quick & effortless treat that won’t add inches to your bum:

delicious and nutrious…perfect!

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a little beauty truth…

“This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.”

created by the awesome Jesse Rosten

Mom’s healthy cookies?…erm…okay

As my baby weight banishing crusade is in full swing I’ve been working out daily & desperately trying to eat healthier – a difficult task with nursing hormones forever steering me towards savoury & sweet treats. Enter my skinnyminny mother, sender of copious cut-out-of-newspapers-and-magazines-good-for-you-recipes-that-made-my-eyes-roll-and-are-now-a-possible-healthy-alternative-to-the-sweet-aisle-at-the-supermarket…

My first experiment in healthy treat baking are these beauties:

Good-for-you Peanut Butter, Banana & Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Sounds decadent & fattening, right? Awesomely, they’re not.

Here’s how to make ’em:

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Pure Awesome Sauce…

It doesn’t get any more day-brighteningly-adorable than this:

or this:

For more info about Marcel (& his creators) click here

A Quiet New Years Eve in Berlin

As it’s our first year as mommy & daddy we decided to forego our usual Silvester Bash and spend a quiet night at home welcoming the new year with our little mouse…it didn’t quite happen that way…

banging past our windows...

…from 5pm – 3am we had our very own crashbangshakethewindows light show presented in surround sound, both in front and behind our building. erm…yay?

Without further ado….may I present:

A Quiet New Years Eve in Berlin –

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