#ThriftStyleAugust with moi

Wheeee! I’m (finally) on instagram and thanks to the quick delivery of my fancy new android smartphone I even managed to take part in most of Zhenya’s #ThriftStyleAugust challenge!

Head on over & check out my #ThriftStyleAugust themed outfits + take a peek into my daily life…

I’ve come up with an ongoing challenge for my fellow refashionistas and upcycling gurus: share your groovy recycled DIYs on instagram using #ConfessionsOfaRefashionista – I’ll pick my faves each week and post them over on my growing Refashion Nation!

Totally Smitten With Proyek Akhir Minggu

When I discovered repurposing queen Chonie of Proyek Akhir Minggu I was immediately taken in by her amazing projects…as I read through her blog I realized that she not only refashions & upcycles for enjoyment but also out of necessity.

“I am in a very serious sewing sessions with my mother in law. Yep, using that beautiful old lady branded the ‘Butterfly’.”

…and all of her projects were handsewn until last year, when she learned the art of machine sewing from her mother-in-law on that gorgeous antique sewing machine.

"I created this ruffle skirt out of my mother-in-law's Sarong"

“I created this ruffle skirt out of my mother-in-law’s Sarong”

My admiration for this talented DIY diva knows no bounds & I am incredibly proud to introduce you to Chonie Prysilia:

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A Fringed Thrift Style Thursday

I’ve always had a lurv/hate relationship with fringe. Growing up on the Canadian prairies meant my fair share of countrified outfits sporting those strings & tassels that seemed to catch & grab onto just about everything & annoy my young self to no end…

but with age comes maturity, life experience and the knowledge that when done right FRINGE IS AWESOME!

…and so I present not one but two fabulous fringed ensembles for your thrifty inspiration:


The ever popular fringed (faux) leather jacket…

and casual boho kimono!

Sunglasses (thrifted ) €0.20 –  Fringed faux leather jacket (thrifted) €4 – Sweatshirt dress (thrifted & refashioned) €1 – Tights (had for years) €0 – Biker boots (ebay) €4 – Sunglasses (thrifted ) €0.20 –  Fringed kimono (thrifted & refashioned) €3 – White top (had for years) €0 – Belt (thrifted) €1 – Jeans (had for years) €0 – Schweden Clogs (had for 17 years – now that’s quality!) €0

Total cost for both outfits: €13.40

…and that boho kimono makes for a great neighbourhood street fair look!

Check out all of the thrifty crew for more fringed inspiration:

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YOU Decide the DIY!

I scored this absolutely amazing 2m x 1.80m length of vintage fabric at the flea market for a mere €1.50!

I haven’t a clue what it’s composed of but it’s super soft, has A LOT of stretch & is semi-transparent with a fab waffle texture.

The question is: Just what should I create with this groovy find?

Vote below for your fave idea & I’ll choose the most popular, get makin’ and share the how-to:

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Totally Smitten With Hulibug

Julianne of Made with Love by Hulibug is a rock star of the refashion world!

“$5 thrifted tablecloth, invisible zip & polkadot fabric whipped up into a fabulous summer skirt”

Her phenomenal thrift store transformations, amazing vintage finds & charity shop style are truly inspirational.

“I found a lovely leather jacket in perfect condition at my local red cross shop for $10! I thought it would be perfect in winter but as the temperature dropped I just couldn’t seem to find a way to style it…it took a couple of weeks to get the courage to take my shears to it! I’m so happy I did…”

Let’s find out the story behind this talented frugal fox…

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