A Satiny #ThriftyThursday

When putting together outfits to share for Thrifty Thursday I usually need look no further than the fab collection of second hand, DIY’d eco-fashion that fills my wardrobe however this Silk or Satin Loveliness theme had me stumped as the only silk item in my wardrobe is this too-hot-for-August refashioned dress.

But then I remembered a tacky satin top that had been lurking in my stash for far too long so I grabbed my seam ripper & sewing gear and got to work transforming it into something I’d actually wear:

Refashioned satin top ootd

Get the scoop behind the thrifty outfit + the tutorial for my fab upcycled necklace below:

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My Upcycled Vintage Hankie Tote

Whoohoo! My first vintage-hankie-stash busting project is complete!

upcycled diy hankie totebag tutorial

Thrift some pretty handkerchiefs and recreate my upcycled vintage hankie tote for yourself:

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The Upcycled Brooch Bracelet

Most of us have a tacky brooch (or three) lurking at the bottom of our jewelry boxes so why not transform them into quirky one of a kind arm adornments?

Upcycled brooch bracelet tutorial header

Raid your stash or hit the thrift shop and create the upcycled brooch bracelet for yourself with my easy tutorial over on Dream a little Bigger! (also makes a groovy DIY gift!)

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Continue your passion for upcycling and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

CoaR ebook collection

My thrifty DIY munchkin room

When we moved in the kiddo’s room was in desperate need of an overhaul:

Thrifty Upcycled Kids Room before after

That awful dark red & brown paint job and the moldy walls were soon taken care of with professional products and (about) a million coats of brilliant white.

Thrifty Upcycled Kids Room before after

The clean white walls really give an illusion of space!

Get the scoop & tutorials behind the kiddo’s happy hideaway at home…

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The First Wardrobe Refashionista Order

You may recall that a while ago I offered to be your personal eco-fashion stylist and create a fabulous new wardrobe just for you at fast fashion prices:

Well my lovelies I’m pleased to share my first sustainable style wardrobe creations + a look at the breakdown of the costs involved in creating made-to-order clothing & accessories at fast fashion prices.

I gave a sneak peek of my refashioning ingredients as I was making over on instagram:

Refashionista wardrobe package

Here’s the groovy results:

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A Quirky & Cool #ThriftyThursday

If I got a dollar every time I was called “quirky” I’d surely be able to finance my own refashionista television show…but alas my quirk is not (yet) compensated so I shall have to keep sharing my talents online and try to be discovered the old fashioned way: through hard work, hustle & luck!

quirky & cool DIY jumpsuit ootd

What better to show off my cool quirky style than an awesomely refashioned jumpsuit?

Check out the outfit deets & tutorial below + join my Gone Thrifting group & take part in our monthly Refashion Challenge:

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An easy no sew dress upsize

Why is there so much bloody elastic in this dress??

easy no sew dress upsize tutorial before

Elastic under the bust, elastic on the sleeves and even elastic around the hemline!

easy no sew dress upsize tutorial after

Much better, I can once again breathe and the circulation has returned to my arms!

Here’s my easy no sew quick fix that quickly upsized that adorable dress:

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I need your refashion ideas!

During a recent stash re-organize I discovered a box full of vintage hankies (57 to be exact) and although I have a few project ideas bouncing around my refashionista brain none of them are really jumping out and demanding to be created.

57 vintage hankies

Any inspiring suggestions?

I absolutely don’t need to use all of the hankies in a single project so every idea, not matter how small, is welcome.

Let your imaginations fly and leave your groovy thoughts in the comments below!

all the tutes!

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Totally Smitten With Mark Montano

I am crazy thrilled to be sharing one of my biggest Totally Smitten With crushes, although I’m quite positive this phenomenal DIY guru needs no introduction!

Mark Montano - make your mark

Mark Montano (squee!) the fabulous fashion designer, television personality, blogger, author extraordinaire and craftastic YouTube star!

Take a gander at how Mark’s online channel began + snag his top tips for refashioning & DIY: 

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Sabine’s Thrifty Refashionista DIY Makeover

CoaR: Sabine's Thrifty DIY Makeover + tutorials

Welcome to my first completely refashioned (no-budget) DIY makeover! Raid your closet & discover how to easily create an adorable dress & upcycle a pashmina into a quirky cropped kimono jacket + get the DIY for quick & easy natural makeup!

Visit the tutorials mentioned in the video & give yourself a refashionista makeover!

A dress to dye forSuper easy DIY dressesA natural makeup how-to

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