Blogging: Audience Attention

Our attention spans are getting shorter. An unfortunate phenomenon of modern technology and internet society that apparently means we have a maximum of about 10 seconds to grab the attention of people browsing online before they click away – humph!

Discover my helpful hints for captivating and keeping that elusive blog audience:

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A Menswear Thrifty Thursday

Menswear for gals never seems to go out of style.

A statement completely confirmed by both 90’s and present-day me:

Yeah, yeah, yeah I did indeed smoke in my 20’s but thankfully woke up and quit the filthy, disgusting habit by my early 30’s.

Here’s the scoop behind my fabulous present day menswear for moi ensemble:

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Banish Those Thrifted Footwear Odours

The fabulous question of how to rid thrifted footwear of odours was recently posted to my Gone Thrifting group and I thought I’d share some of the handy how to’s that were served up!

Grab those stinky shoes, raid your cupboards and start neutralizing those unwanted aromas!

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Happy National Crochet Month?

When Marie (the crochet & knit diva extraordinaire behind Underground Crafter) asked me to be her guest for National Crochet Month I was both flattered and befuddled as it’s no secret that I’m utterly smitten with all things crocheted but have yet to progress my skills past the basic chain stitch. Fortunately a chain stitch is all that is required for the groovy refashioning tutorial I came up with to share!

I discovered that fabulous clutch in the bag bin of my fave charity shop and even though it was missing the strap I knew that with a bit of refashionista magic it would make the perfect addition to my groovy thrifted jumpsuit and crocheted beanie ensemble!

Head on over to Underground Crafter and get the crocheted scoop behind my fancy refashioned bag + learn a few of my thrifted crochet gear styling ideas to get you started on your own unique looks!

all the tutes!

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My Quirky DIY Kitchen

The next stop on my humble abode tour is the heart of every home:

My upcycled, vintage, handmade kitchen!

Let’s take a closer look + discover just how well some of my past decor DIYs have held up!

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Blogging: Time vs Money

I’ve been sharing my creativity, tutorials & love of sustainable style for nearly 4 years and have definitely learned loads about the ins & outs of blogging.

As I often receive requests for advice from those new to the blogosphere as well as bloggers who respect and enjoy what I’m doing and how I present it, I thought it would be helpful to share the important lessons I’ve learned thus far and let you have look behind the scenes of what actually goes into my Confessions of a Refashionista.

Let’s kick off my peek at the backstage of blogging series with one of the most frequently asked about topics:

Time versus Money.

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A Shirt Dress Thrifty Thursday

One of my most beloved refashions is this most excellent DIY shirt dress from last May:

So when it was time to decide just what the heck I should wear for my “video portrait” tv interview I knew exactly what outfit I should put together…

The interview began in the kitchen, moved to the living/dining room & eventually included nearly every room of my upcycled, refashioned, vintage, diy, handmade home! Yay me for being so entertaining in German!

Here’s the scoop behind my me-made ensemble:

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The easy diy t-shirt bodysuit

After the rousing success of my refashioned blouse bodysuit I thought I’d have a go at creating a comfy & casual all-in-one version from a t-shirt:

Victorious awesomeness!

Here’s how to quickly make your own:

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A Thrifty Bathroom Storage Tip

My lickety split storage solution for those excess wash cloths & towels that we all seem to have!

all the tutes!

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A Charming Chair DIY

A very quick & painless transformation for a couple of old folding chairs and cushions…

Here’s what I did:

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