Dandy Denim: take 2

Do you refashion your refashions?

As my body size continues to shrink (the only benefit thus far of having severe gluten & lactose intolerance) my funktastic re-created wardrobe is requiring further adjustments…

Those fab bleached, dyed & embroidered Dandy Denims from last summer could now be pulled on while fastened & slid right off without a belt so it was definitely time to pair them with Cristina’s imaginative In the Mood for Couture jean makeover + an addition or two of my own :

*My version of this top has wide 3/4 sleeves & can be worn back to front or front to back. I also removed the back pockets, flipped them around & reattached ‘em to once again be used for toting bits n’ bobs (& so my previously painstakingly embroidered “S” was the right way up!)

Are you a refashion refashioner? 

all the tutes!


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A bit of CTB Hocus Pocus…

The Crafty Travelling Box has magicked its way through Massachusetts & is now heading off to the Netherlands!

Brilliant Barbara snagged a few vintage hankies from the CTB with plans to create a purty purse & replaced them with a couple of adorable bits n’ bobs from her own stash before sending it onto its next European adventure!  *that scissor pin is fabulous!

Here’s a quick refresher of the CTB’s trek:

Berlin, Germany to…

West Australia  -  Ohio, USA  –   Barcelona, Spain  -  Massachusetts, USA  -  The Netherlands  -  Oklahoma, USA  -  Vienna, Austria  -  P.E.I, Canada

…and back to yours truly in Berlin!

*Reminder to participants: we’d all love to keep up with the CTB’s journey so, pretty please with strawberries & lactose-free cream on top, after you’ve received the box share an update with at least one photo (or the link to your own CTB blog post if ya got one) over on facebook or twitter

lil’ loungers…

My hilarious moppet has apparently inherited my tothood penchant for half-streaking

– the evidence, directly from my baby book

Tops & accessories are mandatory attire but bottoms are most definitely optional…

what’s a frazzled mommy to do?

Create a bunch of colourfully fun & comfy lounge pants that the mini-naturist can’t wait to pull on!

Here’s the quick how-to:

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A Grungy Thrift Style Thursday

…and the memories continue with yet another thrift style theme plucked directly from my fashion past:

In the early 90′s (& beyond) I was heavily into the whole grunge style scene, along with that oh-so-cool Seattle Sound & the movie Singles, that alternative trend has stuck with me throughout the years. To this day most of my daily ensembles still consist of chunky-clunky-comfy boots paired with boldly patterned vintage dresses & cool tights (although nowadays I don’t tend to shred my legwear as I did in my younger years).

Hat (gift) €0 – Grandpa sweater (inherited & refashioned) €0 – Vintage Dress (thrifted & shortened) €1 – Tights (1982) €1 – Suede Lace-ups (thrifted years ago) €3

Total outfit cost: €5

Quick Tip: If you don’t have time to shrink the sides of a bit-too-big-dress (or just don’t want to) simply gather the excess fabric together in the centre of the back & pin with a funky brooch!

Head on over to my fellow grungy thrift style babes for more alternative fashion inspiration:

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As always feel free to join in the Thrift Style Thursday fun & vote for our upcoming themes…

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