Sustainable Style Stats

I was recently asked to collaborate with the team behind Fashion Revolution Day and was given an info pack containing loads of interesting statistics & information about the garment industry that I simply had to share!

Discover these illuminating facts & figures for yourself and learn more about who makes your clothes:

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A Copycat Thrifty Thursday

It’s awesome to revisit old photos and absolutely hilarious to recreate looks from your fashion past (+ marvel at how quickly those styles return!)

Take a peek at some of my fave copycat looks for this Thrifty Thursday trip down memory lane:

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The Cozy Colour Blocked Dress Refashion

I recently inherited a fabulous pile of closet cast-offs:

Hearing “Do you want this?” is just one of the many perks of refashioning!

I dove right in, snagged these beauties & immediately had a bolt of inspiration:

A dull knit dress with a weird center seam & a shrunken wool top transformed into…

A magnificent & oh-so-cozy colour blocked dress!

Here’s how I did it:

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The Terrific Tulle Curtain Skirt

I recently stumbled across the leftovers of my 10 minute tulle tutu  (I tripped over them and ended up sprawled in a refashionista heap on the floor) and just knew I could create an adorable skirt with another scrappy bit I had hidden away in my stash!

Raid your hoarded fabric, head over to Dream a Little Bigger and create your own quirky peplum with my terrific tulle curtain skirt tutorial!

all the tutes!

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The Patchwork Duffel Bag Save

I’d been searching for the perfect carry-on to join me on my upcoming adventures but was having a hard time finding a bag that met all of my strict criteria:

- large enough to hold the vast & varied in-flight/travel necessities for the munchkin & myself yet small enough to pass the airline’s carry-on size restrictions

- colourfully awesome, totally unique looking and second hand

As my charity shop karma was just not happening I busted out my online thrifting tips and scored this beauty in no time flat:

A fabulously colourful patchwork duffel bag described “as-new”scored for €5 including shipping!

Unfortunately when it arrived the condition was a far cry from “as-new” & it was missing the shoulder strap – fortunately my refashionista brain came up with a few groovy ideas to transform that worn out duffel into the perfect carry on bag!

Here’s what I did:

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The Clean Clothes Campaign

Are you curious about the people who make your clothes?

Do you want to learn if your favourite brands follow ethical production procedures?

The Clean Clothes Campaign is an alliance of organisations in 16 European countries dedicated to improving working conditions and supporting the empowerment of workers in the global garment industries.

The Clean Clothes Campaign provides a fantastic insight into the reality factory employees face with a section devoted to photographs & interviews with Cambodian garment workers.

The CCC site also contains up-to-date information concerning the issues surrounding clothing factory conditions and an abundance of resources for those wanting to find out more about worker rights and the various aspects of the garment industry. Use the handy Search feature to discover the truth behind fashion brands.

The Clean Clothes Campaign relies on a partner network of more than 200 organisations and unions in garment-producing countries to identify local problems and objectives, and to help develop campaign strategies to support workers in achieving their goals. The CCC cooperates extensively with similar labour rights campaigns in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Please sign the online petition to pay garment workers a living wage

Disclaimer: I am not at all an expert on the big business of fast fashion however I am a concerned consumer who has chosen to learn & share as much as I can through my own personal experiences & the wealth of resources available online.

all the tutes!

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My Fave Thrifted Things for Thrifty Thursday

I had a bit of a hard time deciding just what I wanted to share for this week’s thriftastic theme. Luckily the decision was made for me when I glanced at the collection of bags adorning the corner of my bedroom!

I busted out my trusty old video camera & tripod, precariously perched on my headboard to get an acceptable angle and got to work on a fancy schmancy Gone Thrifting video to share some of my fave thrifted bag scores!

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook page!

As always feel free to take part in the thrifty fun & vote for the upcoming themes…

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The Delightful DIY Dinosaur Costume

Has anyone else spied a dinosaur in their parking lot?

Here’s how to create your own fast moving stegosaurus from items you may already have around the house:

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Are you a Bricoleur?

Do you refashion, upcycle and DIY with whatever is on hand?

Then you are most definitely a Bricoleur who practices Bricolage!

I’m a power tool toting Bricoleur, hear me roar!

I was recently interviewed for an anthropology thesis study researching the sustainability of refashioning second hand goods and was introduced to a wonderful new-to-me word:

Bricolage (brɪkəˈlɑːʒ) noun: construction or creation from a diverse range of available items.

Bricoleur  (brē-kō-ˈlər) noun: one who engages in bricolage.

My fave bricolage gear? Second hand clothing, vintage textiles, my trusty scissors & a load of imagination!

So now the next time someone asks you what you do tell them you’re a thrifty DIY sustainable-style refashioning Bricoleur!

all the tutes!

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3 DIY Methods for Adding Clutch Chains

As hard as I try I simply can’t resist the lure of the €1 bag bin at my fave charity shop. Rummaging through those tangled straps always reveals a hidden vintage treasure.

Although not always in perfect condition my retro beauties can easily be spruced up with a bit of refashionista creativity:

Discover my 3 simple methods for adding a fabulous chain strap to those vintage clutches, bags & coin purses:

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