My top tips for cleaning thrifted leather

Scoring a luxurious leather (or faux leather) item at the thrift shop is fantastic but what do you do when your fab find is in less than stellar condition?

Top tips for cleaning thrifted leather

Follow my tops tips for cleaning thrifted leather and keep your second hand gear looking great!

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A Tights are Alright #ThriftyThursday

I   L O V E   T I G H T S ! !

As I’m not in possession of legs that go on for days I’ve found that short(er) skirts and dresses paired with groovy tights really accentuate the finer points of my rather petite yet lurvly gams:

Thrifty Thursday Tights are Alright

Over the years I’ve amassed (and DIY’d) quite a collection of terrific tights and have managed to keep them in tip top condition with a bit of gentle laundering and careful storage:

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My Easy Upcycled DIY Advent Calendar Wreath

‘Tis definitely the season for creative upcycling and as I wanted to do something a wee bit more special than store-bought for the kiddo’s advent calendar this year, I sorted through my hoarded cardboard stash, raided the recycling bin and created this fantastically re-usable bit of awesomeness:

DIY upcycled toilet roll advent calendar wreath tutorial

Here’s how to whip up your own countdown to Christmas before December 1st:

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A DIY Reversible Faux Fur Vest

Refashioning is not only a completely ethical and sustainable way to create your own unique style it’s also a magnificent method for adding those items you’ve been coveting to your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost (or absolutely free)!

DIY reversible faux fur vest header

I’d been on the lookout for a funky faux fur vest for ages but unfortunately my thrifting karma just wasn’t cooperating, fortunately a peek through my sweater stash revealed the perfect refashioning victim to transform into a DIY reversible faux fur vest!

all the tutes!

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Continue your passion for upcycling and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

CoaR DIY ebook collection

Totally Smitten With Sustainable Daisy

I covet just about every single outfit my latest eco-fashion crush shares on her Sustainable Daisy blog. Environmental Scientist Karen Housel has a knack for discovering stunning gems at the thrift shop and creating her own unique style!

Sustainable Daisy - Karen

“I LOVE the challenge of finding something affordable, secondhand, and cute for my closet. Sustainable fashion becomes a true hobby if you take the secondhand route because it requires you to rise out of your comfort zone, humble yourself, and to get in touch with your creative side.”

Get to know this sustainable stylista and find out her top tips for creating your own eco-fashion wardrobe:

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Blogging: Finding Your Inspiration

As with most creative people I’m constantly asked where I find my inspiration and how I keep coming up with new ideas to create and share.

where do I find my inspiration

The short answer?

Off the top of my head, I honestly don’t know but I’ll dig deeper and let you in on the parts of my inspirational idea discovering process that I can actually articulate into words below:

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A High Waisted #ThriftyThursday

High waisted trousers and skirts have never really made much of an appearance in my wardrobe. I chalk it up to being a teen in the parachute-pant-loving 80’s and spending most of twenties in the low-riders-paired-with-crop-tops 90’s.

After a bit of a hunt through my stash I managed to refashion an outfit to suit this high waisted Thrifty Thursday theme:

thrifted high waisted ootd

Take a peek under my coat at the thrifty DIY ensemble I cobbled together:

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How to add pockets to a sweater (my 500th tutorial!)

A short while ago I asked if anyone had any DIY obstacles or thrifty refashioning dilemmas they wanted me to tackle and boy oh boy did you guys answer! After wading through and (hopefully) helpfully answering a load of emails I opened this creative query:

“I got a bag of old sweaters from my Grandma and there are a couple of cardigans that I love but they don’t have pockets and I can’t knit so my refashioning question is: what is the easiest way to put pockets on a sweater without knitting them on?”

A fabulous refashioning question that is best answered with a step-by-step tutorial:

DIY sweater pockets after

Wowee Zowee! This is the 500th tutorial I’ve shared on my Confessions of a Refashionista!

Snag my crazy simple no-knit method for how to add pockets to a sweater below:

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My thrifted refashionista sewing machine

Just to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don’t need a fancy schmancy expensive machine to create each and every one of my tutorials, I’d like to introduce you to the hardworking (and sometimes incredibly frustrating) retro beauty behind all of my sewing projects:

my thrifted refashionista sewing machine
Only 29 years old and sews like dream (most of the time). I spied her in a charity shop window and brought her home for a mere €15!

Get the scoop behind my thrifted refashionista sewing machine below:

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Totally Smitten With The Sweet Escape

I’ve been crushing on Melissa DiRenzo for quite some time. The phenomenally talented designer and DIY diva behind The Sweet Escape creates absolutely stunning decor DIYs from thrifty bits and items she already has on hand. The gorgeously photographed projects she shares on her blog provide a wealth of inspiration for every room of the house + loads of creative entertaining ideas!

Melissa - The Sweet Escape

 Get to know marvelous Melissa and discover her top tips for thrifting and upcycling:

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