Behind My Smiles

I have been struggling with some serious personal issues and have held back sharing the reality of my life for quite some time. Unfortunately my inner strength is on its last legs and it has become nearly impossible to continue putting on a happy face while dealing with the emotional chaos of my real life completely alone.

behind my smiles

It is finally time for me to share the truth behind my smiles and ask for help.

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A Layered Up #Thrifty Thursday

I’ve been itching to break out my collection of summer jumpsuits but unfortunately, even though it’s late June, the need for dressing in layers is still mandatory in the humid rainy chill of Berlin.

Fortunately I discovered a quick and easy clothing item that looks fabulous while keeping the chill away:

layered thrifty style

A magnificent flannel shirt = a cozy jumpsuit topper that provides some groovy pattern mixing too!

Get the thrifty outfit details + the scoop behind my fancy new glasses below:

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My DIY Vintage Belt Fix

This groovy 1970’s suede belt was one of the fabulous bits I inherited in Tante Uschi’s treasure chest:

unfortunately it had been worn to death:

I had loads of refashioning ideas for this sad retro belt but they all involved repurposing it into something else and I really wanted that butter soft suede as a belt so I tucked it away until inspiration struck (over 2 years later!)

Here’s how I salvaged that cracked & peeling bit of waist decoration:

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A Quick Tunic Refashion

Refashioning munchkin gear is an awesome way to stretch a few more months of wear out of those nearly outgrown clothes and can transform hand-me-downs into fantastic one of a kind fashions your kiddo will love!

Take a peek at my quick tunic refashion tutorial on Dream a Little Bigger and see just how easy it is!

all the tutes!

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My Rosacea Laser Treatment Tale

I posted this mad scientist pic on my social media a couple of months ago but no one seemed to know what was actually being done to my poor little face:

rosacea laser treatment

Thanks to my Irish/Scottish roots I’m one of those ridiculously fair-skinned folks that has not only flushed & blushed for no apparent reason since childhood but also miserably inherited the rosacea that can appear later in life in those with a pale complexion. Humph!

 And just what is Rosacea (roh-zay-sha)?

A chronic, inflammatory skin condition which principally affects the face. Rosacea causes facial redness, flushing and produces small, red bumpy pustules – gross!

My barely noticeable rosacea was easily covered in my basic face tutorial from last September.

Unfortunately, during the past year my rosacea worsened and what had originally been quite easy to cover with a bit of make-up had transformed into a rather challenging collection of angry-looking raised bumps on my cheeks.

After trying every single natural homeopathic remedy I could get my hands on and having each one fail spectacularly as apparently they only show positive results against bacterial rosacea and have absolutely zero effect on inherited rosacea, I decided to bite the bullet and let my dermatologist scorch it away with a laser.

Here’s what happened:

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Bloggers on Blogging

As my Behind the Scenes of Blogging series is proving to be pretty darn popular I thought it was time to provide a perspective (or five) different from my own so I asked a few of my fellow bloggers from around the globe to share their thoughts about blogging:

Bloggers on Blogging

Let’s see what they had to say…

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A Gorgeously Green #ThriftyThursday

I’ve always been partial to the colour green so I was surprised to discover so very few emerald-toned clothing items in my wardrobe. I do have quite a collection of thrifted & handmade accessories in varying shades of my Irish heritage so I thought I’d share one of my absolute fave vintage scarves along with a few groovy summer styling ideas for this gorgeously green Thrifty Thursday:

Take a closer peek at each look and get the outfit info below:

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My DIY Pillowcase Top

One of the strangest bits of culture shock I experienced when I moved to Berlin (other than the extreme rudeness & xenophobia) was the size of the pillows. At a whopping 80cm x 80cm a traditional German pillow is nearly the size of a bed itself! (Perhaps to soak up all of the tears of sadness & frustration after a long day spent dealing with harsh & offensive locals)

Such large pillows require large pillowcases which means the textile area of the thrift shop is jam packed with groovy vintage bedsheet sets with extra large pillowcases just begging to be transformed!

Here’s how to create your own easy breezy top from a couple of squares of fabric:

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The Thrifty Diva Survey

I’ve had a wicked little project idea skulking around my brain for quite some time but I need your thrifting expertise to help make it a reality!

Simply share your thrifty know-how with me by taking the short survey below so I can put my kooky plan into action:

all the tutes!

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Set for Summer: DIY Munchkin Makes

Hooray! The warm weather has finally arrived which means it’s time to sort through those kiddo clothes and decide what can be kept, what can be refashioned and what to pass over to a smaller munchkin.

I’ve collected my top beat the heat projects to help you stretch a couple more months of wear out of those outgrown items + upcycle some scrappy stash bits into stylish accessories:

summer makes roundup

Get set for summer with my DIY munchkin makes!

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