it doesn’t get any easier than this: an instant upcycled bracelet diy

here’s how to make your own funky chunky bracelet in less than 2 minutes…

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a deconstructed reconstruction necklace refashion

A bit of patience & a steady hand are all that are needed to transform gaudy to groovy:

Wanna see what this bit awesomeness started out as?

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Caged Stones…

Create these quirky necklaces with a few pulchritudinous parking lot pebbles & bits you’re sure to have lurking about the house!

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1 + 1 = cool

 Two never-worn blasé necklaces combined with a touch of refashionista magic equals a couple of brilliant bijou stunners:

a super sized egg-y nest

a mellifluous blue beauty

Here’s what I did:

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