Rappelzappel für die Kleinen

FEZ-Berlin Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienzentrum is the largest Family Center in Europe. Located on over 100 hectares of land, FEZ has too many (free) play grounds to count, a mini railway, theater, cinema, swimming pool(s), space centre, museums and loads more all geared for kids from tot to teen. As we’re lucky enough to live nearby it’s a frequent stop for us to let the kidlet run her batteries down.

The indoor Spielecke (play corner) is free of charge & was created especially for munchkins up to age 4.

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Der Wuhletal-Wanderweg

The Wuhletal-Wanderweg (walking trail) is over 15kms of re-naturized pathways in East Berlin. Starting from S-Bahnhof Ahrensfelde and ending at S-Bahnhof Köpenick the Wuhletal-Wanderweg welcomes walkers, joggers, cyclists & is also dog-friendly! Here’s a quick peek at the small section we frequent:

Our wander usually begins at Hämmerlingstraße…

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a little park for little monkeys

Much to our chagrin (& terror), our munchkin has developed into a fearless daredevil and has even begun building her own climbing-towers out of anything her little arms can lift - how do toddlers manage to make (& climb) such heart attack inducing creations in the 3 seconds your back is turned?? Thankfully we discovered a local park tailor made for our little monkey:

Maria Jankowski Park is chock full of climbing-kidlet fun!

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Hiding from evacuation police – or – WW2 Bomb found 2 blocks away

In the early morning of July 7 we were blearily completing our morning routine (change/feed baby, make coffee, take dog for potty, get bakery croissants, check e-mails…). As we sat down at our respective computers a loud-speaker (& I mean LOUDspeaker) announcement interrupted our still-sleeping thoughts. -If you’ve never heard a police loud-speaker belting out warnings in German you’re a very lucky person, I thought WW3 had started!

The van commanding “citizens to evacuate the area due to discovery of a 250kg bomb from WW2 in a local construction site”  Aaak!

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