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Make a summer top fit for all seasons with my next groovy webisode

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Did ya spy the fancy new button at the top of my sidebar?

That’s right my lovelies…I am now the proud producer of my very own series of diy refashionista webisodes!

In addition to my regular crafty blog posts I’ll be sharing my adventures in upcycling with step-by-step video tutorials featuring everything from clothing & accessory refashions to thriftilicious home decor…

Enjoy ‘em and I’ll catch ya on the zigzag!

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Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the ZigZag

Hooray! My fancy schmancy revamped Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zig Zag e-book for Amazon Kindle & tablet readers is now available worldwide!

*Don’t have a Kindle or tablet? Me neither…I simply use the oh-so-convenient-&-absolutely-free Kindle App on my computer…

Click on your local Amazon link below to be taken directly to the download page:

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Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zig Zag

Contains over 50 projects with easy to follow tutorials & full colour step by step photos for everyone from first-time upcyclers to experienced Refashionistas!

The e-book version includes:

17 terrific tops
12  beauteous bottoms
5 delightful dresses
5 cool coatlets
15 awesome accessories
+ a thriftilicious just-your-size dress form tutorial

…all created from items you already have lurking in your closet!

…and I still have a few Wire-O bound limited edition copies of the printed version available as well:

 The original print edition of my book is available direct from the publisher…me! How completely awesome is that?!

I created, photographed, wrote and designed each & every tutorial and each & every page of this pretty bundle of Refashionista goodness and also made sure it was printed with a lovely Wire-O binding which allows the book to lay flat beside your sewing machine for easy reading-while-making.

In addition to my Wire-O bound, completely self-produced first edition, (jam-packed with over 50 full-colour refashion tutorials, tips n’ tricks, sewing gear basics & my own unique writing style) I’ll also include a get-you-started-refashioning-item & personally sign each copy of the book purchased before wrapping it up pretty & sending it on its way with insured, registered post! *making it a fantastic personalized gift for the refashionista in your life!

Sounds fabulous! But what’s it all about?

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from mommy to munchkin

Can ya guess what single item of mine I used to create the four groovy kidlet threads pictured above?

Read on to find out…

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I hoot doilies…

Another quick use for Oma’s old doilies…

…they make fantastic owl eyes!

Create your own hoot-y pillow in under 30 minutes:

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