Flares are back (again)

According to the interwebs flares are back (again), hooray! I love me some bell bottomed denim action!

Easy DIY flares bell bottoms tutorial

Of course, as with any returning trend, purchasing a mass produced pair of fab flares can leave you feeling as empty as your wallet so my darlings, don’t buy when you can easily DIY and create a pair that are truly unique, sustainable, ethical and best of all free!

Here’s how it’s done:

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How to price your handmade gear

So, you want to sell your fabulous one of a kind, handmade, cannot-be-found-elsewhere items for what they are actually worth and also get a little something for the time involved in scouring charity shops and upcyclables for materials + the hours of creating, photographing & editing + the time spent writing product descriptions & getting it all online and let’s not forget the additional costs & commissions involved in setting up and selling through a webshop + those pesky online payment portal fees, whew!

Dawanda shop

As I’m often asked if I have a specific formula for working out the final cost of my quirky creations I figured it was about time to share my thoughts on how to sell your handmade gear:

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A Best Boots #ThriftyThursday

Who doesn’t love an awesome pair of comfy boots?

Even better when you’ve scored them while thrifting and better still if you’re able to refashion them into something truly unique and exactly your style!

My Fave Boot Refashions

Take a gander at my fave thrifty boot refashions and let me know your faves for a best boots #ThriftyThursday!

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My DIY Vintage Hankie Circle Scarf

’tis time for yet another fancy schmancy vintage hankie stashbusting project!

DIY vintage hankie patchwork circle scarf tutorial

Isn’t that scarf just delightful? This crazy simple make can be personalized to anyone’s taste and style + it whips up in minutes!

Check out my DIY vintage hankie circle scarf video tute below: 

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Easy DIY Overall Dresses

My munchkin loathes the feeling of denim and corduroy fabric on her legs which means wonderfully tough-wearing jeans and cords are an absolute, tantrum inducing no-go, harumph! When she inherited a groovy box of clothes containing not one but two pairs of adorable overalls (1 denim and 1 cord) I knew I had to figure out a way to transform them into something my picky kiddo would actually wear…

Easy DIY Overall Dresses Header

Take a peek at my two crazy simple methods for transforming those overalls into easy DIY overall dresses – this also works fab for grown-up gear too!

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My Top Thrifty Tips for Cleaning Wood

I absolutely love vintage wooden furniture and decor. My home is full of gorgeous solidly handcrafted pieces from the past that I’ve managed to score for bargain prices by scouring the thrift shops and classifieds. (fingers crossed I’ll be able to bring most of them along when we do the big international move to Canada!)

As most of my wonderous wooden treasures are in less than stellar condition when I discover them I’ve had to create an arsenal of gentle yet effective techniques for restoring them to their (nearly) original glory.

my top thrifty tips for cleaning wood

Take a peek at my top thrifty tips for cleaning wood and make your thrifty finds shine!

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Is thrifting really ethical?

With the wealth of information and resources readily available online combined with frequent media reports about unethically produced fashion there is absolutely zero excuse to continue supporting ridiculously cheap brands and yet these unethical companies continue to thrive and expand while the people actually creating the garments live in extreme poverty. This is a frustrating never-ending cycle that can only be broken by consumers making a conscious choice to say “no” and stop buying the unethical products until changes are actually made and not just promised for some random time in the future. Sadly the average shopper simply doesn’t care.

Reusing, upcycling, refashioning and shopping second hand are fabulously economical alternatives for creating your own unique, trendy style without supporting the corrupt companies behind impossibly cheap fast fashion however, is thrifting really ethical?

is thrifting really ethical

Discover my views on this controversial topic and then share your thoughts in the comments below:

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A Velvet Underground #ThriftyThursday

I have a love/hate relationship with velvet.

Yes, it’s a sumptuously luxurious fabric but it’s also heavy and persnickety to care for however, when I spied this gorgeous velvet jacket in an online vintage shop I simply couldn’t resist snapping it up:

Vintage Velvet Jacket ootd header

At €16 it was one of the most expensive secondhand purchases I’ve made since making the decision 4 years ago to completely step away from fast fashion and create my own ethical & sustainable wardrobe but I think it was definitely worth it!

Get the scoop behind the jacket, the rest of the outfit info + take part in my Refashion Challenge below:

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How to make an easy foldable tote bag

I’m slowly but surely upcycling my stash of pretty vintage handkerchiefs and have so far created a fab floaty maxiskirt, some delightful decor and a fancy schmancy tote bag:

upcycled diy hankie totebag tutorial

The tote is awesome but is a bit bulky to simply stuff into my purse as is so I figured I’d use a couple of the less than stellar hankies in my stash to transform it into a convenient foldable bag:

easy diy foldable totebag

Awesome eh?

Here’s how to make an easy foldable tote bag for yourself:

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Refashioning 101: Mend and Make Do

Creating and upcycling a sustainable wardrobe doesn’t always have to involve fancy schmancy refashioning transformations. Quick and simple alterations to the less than stellar garments lurking at the back of your closet can dramatically improve their appearance, comfort and fit and even revamp them into wardrobe faves!

Refashioning 101 Mend & Make Do header

Discover how to revive your unworn gear in minutes, shorten those jeans while keeping that cool original hem, tailor a dress to fit and upsize a blouse with my Refashioning 101: Mend and Make Do!

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Continue your passion for upcycling and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

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