Totally Smitten With I Love Green Grass

Ilona of I Love Green Grass is a master of geek-approved upcycled gear! Her quirky recycled projects and ability to think completely outside of the box make her blog a must-see for we refashioning DIY nerds!

Get to know this environmentally friendly creator & discover her groovy DIY tips…

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: Lighten Those Locks!

Ever wonder how my hair has gone from gothic darkness to rockin’ blonde bombshell throughout the years without losing its luster?

Hop on over to That Cheap Bitch and discover my frugal formula for safely lightening those lovely tresses at home:

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A Vintage Decor Thrifty Thursday

I can never pass up handcrafted wooden decorations at the thrift store…the older the better!

Take a closer peek at some of the faves I’ve collected over the years…

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my adorable cropped apron jacket refashion

My fave thrift shops are full of vintage Kittelkleider (apron dresses) & although most of them are made of slippery, scratchy workwear polyester occasionally I stumble across a sweet soft cotton that begs to be taken home & refashioned…

Such was the case with that lurvly white (and surprisingly stain free) apron dress so I just had to transform it into a fab cropped jacket!

Here’s what I did:

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Happiness is…Vintage Furniture!

We’re finally moving into an actual (little yet lovely) house with a yard and everything! No small feat to find in the crowded metropolis of Berlin! This one literally fell into our laps and is located - get this - behind our current apartment building in the “Remise”…

and just what the heck is a Remise? (pronounced ree-mee-zay)

A fabulous old converted farm building!

Since discovering our soon-to-be-new-home I’ve been stalking the kleinanzeigen (online classifieds) for thrifty yet awesome home furnishings and am delighted to share the quirktastic vintage treasures that I scored for my new kitchen:

erm, yeah…I forgot to mention that our new home, although full of potential, requires quite a bit of work to transform it into the spectacular space I envision it to be - this DIY diva is definitely up for the challenge!

How fabulous is that turn of the century kitchen buffet? Some elbow grease & creativity will have it back to its former glory in no time!

I was floored by the awesomeness of this old hideaway wash basin table (it shall soon be transformed into my new kitchen island) + the lovely seller gave us that 1922 typewriter as a “little bonus” – Wheeee!

all this beauty needs is a good old-fashioned scrubbing!

and last but certainly not least my 41st birthday gift to myself:

a gorgeously restored sideboard to complete my vintage kitchen

it even has most of the original manufacturer’s label from 1938 which thrills me to no end!

and just how much did all of these vintage treasures cost?

a mere €230! She shoots she scores!

Discover the (frustrating) ins & outs of moving in Berlin with my detailed Finding a Home in (Berlin) Germany post and stay tuned for loads of funky home DIYs in the future!

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Totally Smitten With Green Issues by Agy

Agy is a champion of eco-design. The eclectic collection of environmentally friendly projects on her Green Issues blog are an amazing example of what can be achieved with imagination, ingenuity & the contents of a recycling bin!

“Our world has become a very consumerist throw-away society (just look at the number of malls!). My goal is to spread the message that you don’t have to buy something new, and you shouldn’t throw something away without thinking about what it could be turned into – you can refashion your existing clothes or patronise your local thrift stores to buy pre-loved goods, and even make simple gifts from recyclable items. Old t-shirts and jeans can be turned into bags or slippers!” (photo credit: National Environment Agency, Singapore)

Get to know this clever (re)creator and discover her top thrifting & refashioning tips:

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: The Bodacious DIY Bleach Pen

Head on over to That Cheap Bitch & discover how I created my very own fabulous re-usable bleach pen from bits I already had lurking about the house + my step-by-step for personalizing your cotton textiles with your fancy upcycled bleach pen!

 (*my cheap-bitch-dude-stop-peeing-over-there face)

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