A Pretty in Pink Thrift Style Thursday

The year was 1987 and I was a lass of 14 when I first saw the film that would time & again help me through the cruelty of high school. Pretty in Pink (as with all of John Hughes’ fabulous teen angst films of the 1980′s) became my relatable escape from a world that let me know, every single day, not only did I not fit in but I was most certainly not welcome…how I wish I could go back in time & let that 14 year old know that her future holds so many incredible adventures and her quirky uniqueness that is so uncool in the microcosm of high school will soon be leading her all over the world…

Here’s to Pretty in Pink…saviour of my teenage sanity & the inspiration for my (thrifty) style:

Earrings (upcycled & handmade) €0 – Smoking jacket (thrifted) €2 – 1960′s Dress (inherited) €0 – Vintage Belt (inherited) €0 – Bracelet (handmade) €0 – Crocheted handbag (had for years) €0 – Vintage Scarf (thrifted) €0.20 – Tights (1982) €1 – Shoes (thrifted years ago) €0

Total outfit cost: €3.20

Check out the groovtastically inspirational Pretty in Pink ensembles the rest of the Thrift Style Thursday gang created below:

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The Perfectly Polished Purse…

I’m totally wild about my groovy new handbag…in addition to coordinating excellently with my fab vintage skirt it was hand painted just for me by my lovely little lady…here’s how we did it:

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Join My Refashion Nation…

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my latest endeavor:

With my fancy schmancy Refashion Nation I aim to provide an inspirational resource of links to upcycled DIY clothing & accessory tutorials + thrifty outfit ideas for those wanting fabulous, affordable, unique style without supporting the growing phenomenon of cheap, mass-produced “fast fashion”…

I would love for you to contribute and join me in my quest to encourage others to step away from low quality retail clothing & embrace the wonderful world of thrifting & DIY fashion…

If you’ve got a groovy refashion, a funky upcycled accessory tutorial or even an amazing thrifted outfit to share with my growing Refashion Nation then simply Click here to submit & be featured!

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An Athletic-ish Thrift Style Thursday

The athletic aesthetic, luckily it’s more about giving off a sporty vibe than actually being in great shape…

Knit newsboy cap (freebie) €0  -  Jean Jacket (had for years) €0  -  Scarf (freebie) €0  -  Hoodie (had for years) €0  -  Vintage longsleeved t-shirt (thrifted) €1  -  Jersey Skirt (Refashioned) €0  -  Leggings (1982) €2  - Hi-Tops (Deichmann) €12

Total outfit cost: €15

*This Refashionista’s best friend & partner in Thrift Style : Jack (the Ripper)

Check out my fellow thrifty fashionistas for more super sporty styling inspiration::

Alligator Toe  // Being Zhenya  // Buttons and Birdcages  // Eclecticity //  Erika’s Style Diary // Sandpaper Kisses // Sistas From Cali //  Snippets with Alex // Spoolish  // The Two Cent Chick

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snow dough

Cheers to the internet yet again for providing one of the most entertaining rainy day munchkin activities to date:

Snow dough! – a.k.a: cloud dough

A wonderfully easy to make bit of fluffy fun that keeps the kiddo occupied for at least an hour…yay!

*Here’s my 100% safe to eat, easy to clean & store for future use recipe for snow dough success:

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