The Thrifty Diva Survey

I’ve had a wicked little project idea skulking around my brain for quite some time but I need your thrifting expertise to help make it a reality!

Simply share your thrifty know-how with me by taking the short survey below so I can put my kooky plan into action:

all the tutes!

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Set for Summer: DIY Munchkin Makes

Hooray! The warm weather has finally arrived which means it’s time to sort through those kiddo clothes and decide what can be kept, what can be refashioned and what to pass over to a smaller munchkin.

I’ve collected my top beat the heat projects to help you stretch a couple more months of wear out of those outgrown items + upcycle some scrappy stash bits into stylish accessories:

summer makes roundup

Get set for summer with my DIY munchkin makes!

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Blogging: Leaving Comments

The groovy companion to my Blogging: Replying to Comments post:

Hooray! You’ve just published an awesome blog post that you’re incredibly proud of!

Whoohoo! The post is receiving loads of views and tons of shares!

Unfortunately no one has felt the need to spare a moment to share their thoughts in an actual comment.

Blogging is a solitary work environment that is most definitely quite lonely at times. Letting bloggers know that you enjoy what they do and appreciate their hard work goes a very long way to breaking through the isolation of working completely alone + it’s an awesome feeling to discover that our creativity and dedication is indeed helping others and not going unnoticed.

 With that in mind I present my top tips for sharing your thoughts & a wee bit of commenting etiquette:

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A Terrific Trousers #ThriftyThursday

Full disclosure: I hate trousers (a.k.a: dress pants) and therefore only own a single pair that are seldom worn:

I have yet to find a pair of trousers that fit me pleasantly, don’t wrinkle in weird places and are actually comfortable.

Get the thrifty outfit info + join my groovy Gone Thrifting group below:

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My Refashioned Drop Waist Vest Dress

If you follow me on instagram you’ll have already seen my latest retro refashioning victim:

The “before” didn’t have very many fans, fingers crossed that I managed to transform it for the better:

Waddaya think?

Here’s how I quickly created that stylin’ drop waist vest dress:

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Refashioning 101: Sewing Knits

In the 4 short years that I’ve been sewing I’ve learned loads from my thrifted machine, and just like any other relationship I’ve gotten to know its likes and dislikes and have discovered the little tricks needed to encourage it to behave properly and do what I want. However I didn’t always have such a wonderful rapport with my machine. There once was a certain type of fabric that my retro beauty simply would not get along with and tore to bits whenever they were introduced: Knits

Through much trial and error (+ more than a few tantrums & tears) I finally discovered the simple solution to successfully stitching every type of knit fabric with my grumpy old machine! Take a peek at my Refashioning 101: Sewing Knits and see how it’s done!

all the tutes!

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How to clean vintage ceramics

As my How To Clean Vintage Enamelware post was so popular I thought I’d go ahead and share my collection of thrifted & inherited ceramics + the groovy cleaning tips from the past to keep it all in top condition!

cleaning vintage ceramics (3)

Check out my quirky collection & discover how to maintain your own vintage ceramics & porcelain:

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Blogging: Replying to Comments

Yay! You’ve just read an interesting post and want to let the blogger know that you thought it was awesome or perhaps you’d like a bit more info so you leave a comment – and the waiting game begins.

One of my biggest pet peeves about online life are those bloggers who, for unknown reasons, simply can’t be bothered to reply to comments from their readers, especially when a question is asked, GAH! Having people leave positive comments & queries is a rarity in this fast-paced internet society and it’s maddening when it’s not appreciated.

In my humble opinion there are only 3 reasons why a blogger should not be expected to answer comments left on their blog posts:

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A Super Stripes #ThriftyThursday

Oh how I love bold vertical stripes!

 – horizontal stripes can take a long walk off of a short pier –

That super stripey frock was a hand-me-down preggy maxidress that unfortunately simply could not successfully accommodate my expanded preggy boobs while I housed my munchkin and so sat hidden away in my stash until I rediscovered it nearly 4 years later!

A quick sleeve removal & hemline shorten and the dress was ready for action!

Take a closer look at the adorable pattern + get the thrifty outfit deets below:

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A Quick Refashioned Jumpsuit

I love love love jumpsuits but after my rather epic DIY jumpsuit fail last year I stuck to my thrifting karma to add to my collection.

Until this thrifty online score arrived:

I’m not exactly sure who this was made for but they most certainly had a much shorter torso than I!

After a bit of a think I came up with a quick fix that transformed that too tight crotch hugger into a loose & comfy all-in-one!

Here’s what I did:

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