Sharing my stash for #ThriftyThursday

I’m often asked how I store (and keep track of) my ever-growing refashionista stash of vintage and thrifted goodness making it a perfect theme for Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty refashionista stash storage

Take a peek at my thrifted, upcycled and repurposed stash storage solutions below:

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How to refashion a lace dress

A few weeks ago I received a most excellent surprise package full of thrifted & handmade goodies from a fabulous reader in the UK:

lace dress refashion surprise package

The heartfelt card and thoughtful contents even brought a wee tear to this refashionista’s eye…

Among the groovy goodies to be refashioned was this rather puzzling lace dress:

Lace dress refashion tutorial before

Why in the hell would someone design an otherwise awesome lace dress and then completely ruin it by stitching a ridiculous faux leather statement to the front?

lace dress refashioned & dyed after

S o   M u c h   B e t t e r !

Here’s how I transformed that silly thrifted statement dress:

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Refashioning 101: Refashionista Thrifting Tips

Shopping second hand, reusing and thrifting are the easiest ways to begin creating an ethically sustainable wardrobe and there are loads of tips online for those wanting to find out how to score a stylish charity shop outfit at a bargain price but what about thrifting specifically to refashion and upcycle?

Refashionista Thrifting Tips header

As I only use pre-loved items in my projects I’ve become quite savvy at discovering potential in the secondhand gear that others (thankfully) disregard while thrifting. Take a peek at my Refashioning 101: Refashionista Thrifting Tips and let your imagination run wild during your next trip to the charity shop.

all the tutes!

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Continue your passion for thrifting and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

CoaR ebook collection

Totally Smitten With Hapiness Wherever

“I cannot work for someone else” is the first line of Zen’s bio on her DIY lifestyle blog Hapiness Wherever, which definitely makes her an upcycling diva after my own heart!

Zen Hapiness Wherever

“Some people said I was crazy to leave such a good job (in one of the world’s leading – rolls eyes at that overused word – marketing agencies) but you know what? I’ve never regretted it, not even when things didn’t work out to plan…”

Discover how Zen transitioned from the stressful world of corporate marketing to inspirational DIY lifestyle blogging + get her top thrifty upcycling tips:

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My Refashioning & Upcycling Solutions

I’ve shared nearly 500 tutorials on my Confessions of a Refashionista (496 as of today!) and as I frequently receive messages asking for help with specific refashioning and upcycling projects, I’m wondering if you have any DIY obstacles you’d like me to tackle or perhaps a thrifty refashion you’d like me to figure out and create a tutorial for before giving it a go yourself…?

what do you want me to refashion

Leave your DIY dilemmas in the comments below, send me an e-mail, instagram a pic to me or post a photo on my CoaR facebook page and I’ll kick my refashionista inspiration into high gear for you!

all the tutes!

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Continue your passion for upcycling and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

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A Perfect Pattern Mixing #ThriftyThursday

I adore a good pattern mix and also have a fondness for bright colours and bold prints so finding a way to successfully combine them all into a single thrifted outfit makes me a very happy sustainable stylista!

thrifty Autumn pattern mixing ootd

Those tights are most certainly my absolute faves!

Find out the info behind my perfectly pattern mixed ensemble below + join my Gone Thrifting group to take part in November’s Refashion Challenge:

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My easy refashioned overalls tutorial

Here’s another quick and simple method for transforming summer gear into a fall favourite!

refashioned DIY overalls tutorial

Get the tute behind how I refashioned myself a comfy quirky pair of autumn overalls:

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My Top Tips & Techniques for Bleaching Clothing

The only thing easier than transforming garments with dye is giving them a de-colouring soak in bleach!

my top tips & techniques for bleaching clothing

Snag my top tips & techniques for bleaching clothing below and creatively no-sew embellish your wardrobe with bits from around your house!

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November Refashion Challenge: DIY Bags

Tote bags, handbags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, duffel bags, evening bags, gift bags…the list of unnecessarily necessary bags we hoard to carry our stuff about is pretty darn endless.

Raid your refashioning stash, create an upcycled bag or two for November’s Refashion challenge and share your groovy results with my Gone Thrifting group!

November refashion challenge Bags

Snag some inspiration from my fave upcycled bag tutes below!

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My DIY Refashionista Costume

Even though Halloween as I know it is not at all celebrated in Germany my refashionista brain still insists on coming up with loads of awesome costume ideas. Throughout the years I’ve managed to suppress my urge to put together a groovy get up that will never be worn but the other day inspiration whacked my head hard and I just had to create and share my quirky last minute costume idea:

A before and after refashionista tutorial!

DIY before and after Refashioinista costume tutorial

Here’s how to easily make your own diy diva salute:

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