Sabine’s Thrifty Refashionista DIY Makeover

CoaR: Sabine's Thrifty DIY Makeover + tutorials

Welcome to my first completely refashioned (no-budget) DIY makeover! Raid your closet & discover how to easily create an adorable dress & upcycle a pashmina into a quirky cropped kimono jacket + get the DIY for quick & easy natural makeup!

Visit the tutorials mentioned in the video & give yourself a refashionista makeover!

A dress to dye forSuper easy DIY dressesA natural makeup how-to

all the tutes!

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A Beat the Heat #Thrifty Thursday

A chilly & stormy July has given way to a sweltering & humid August which means hiding indoors as much as I can to save my insanely sensitive skin from the scorching sun. When I must venture outside I slather on my sunscreen specifically formulated for fair cancer-risk skin, throw on a light dress and a pair of oversized vintage shades and stick to the shade as much as possible.

thrifted vintage beat the heat ootd

Get the info behind my beat the heat vintage style + find out how to join the monthly Refashion Challenge over in my Gone Thrifting group:

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my DIY upcycled ladder climbing frame + trapeze

I am totally on a roll with my DIY outdoor munchkin toy challenges and have already successfully created an awesome playhouse and superb sandbox by upcycling wooden bits I had stored in attic.

The kiddo was desperate for a climbing frame so I headed up to the attic to see what my imagination could put together:

DIY scrap wood climbing frame + trapeze

Another triumph!

Here’s what I did:

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Refashioning 101: No Sew Projects

There’s nothing better than a quick and easy project that involves absolutely zero sewing, amiright?

Luckily the refashioning world is chock full of nifty no sew DIYs to get you heading out looking stylish in a jiffy!

refashioning 101 no sew refashion DIYs

Take a gander at my Refashioning 101: No Sew Projects on Dream a Little Bigger, pick your faves and get making!

all the tutes!

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Continue your passion for thrifting and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

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My upcycled diy bathroom

Do you remember the total blech that was the upstairs bathroom when we moved in?

bathroom before & after

Loads better now, but what about the other end of that narrow, awkwardly shaped room?

bathroom before & after

A massive improvement!

(the outside of that toilet was disturbing but what lurked inside was absolutely terrifying!)

Here’s the breakdown of the thrifty furnishings and DIYs:

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The Top 20 Thrifty Diva Thrifting Tips

You guys shared so many fabulous thrifting tips in my Thrifty Diva Survey they deserve their own post!

Thrifty diva thrifting tips

Discover some groovy new ideas and let’s get thrifting!

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A Fab Florals #ThriftyThursday

Whilst on location at the thrift shop shooting some bits for this video I spied a marvelous sight out of the corner of my eye:

thrifty floral ootd

That gorgeously patterned vintage blouse, with the original labels and tags still attached!

Get my fab floral outfit info + the tutes for my groovy shades & DIY rings below:

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My Double Refashioned Vintage Bowling Shirt

Do you ever create something that just isn’t for you, still want to keep but will never wear?

Such was the case with this brilliant but frumpy 1960’s bowling shirt I inherited from Tante Uschi:

vintage bowling shirt before

That beauty sat in my stash for 2 whole years before I transformed it into this fun little dress:

vintage bowling shirt to dress refashion

adorable, but as it wasn’t something that I would actually have occasion to wear, I refashioned it again into this:

vintage bowling shirt refashion

a stylin’ cropped blouse that I absolutely love!

Here’s the tutes for BOTH groovy transformations so snag a too-big vintage button down and get making!

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August Refashion Challenge: Upcycled Curtains

Hold on to your creative hats my dears because the clever thrifty divas in my Gone Thrifting group suggested a most brilliant idea:

A Monthly Refashion Challenge!

At the beginning of every month, in addition to the Thrifty Thursday themes, I shall also be posting a groovy Refashion Challenge to get your maker blood pumping! Create and share your magnificent projects with my Gone Thrifting group and I’ll feature the favourites at the end of each month on Confessions of a Refashionista & Refashion Nation!

August Refashion Challenge: Upcycled Curtains

august refashion challenge: upcycled curtains

Grab some groovy refashion inspiration with 8 of my fave upcycled curtain projects below!

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Gluten & Lactose Free No Bake Peanutbutter Cheesecake

My rosacea combined with severe gluten AND lactose intolerances means I’m rarely able to enjoy a sweet treat while out & about without suffering the dire consequences within 24 hours – blerg!

Thankfully a few tweaks to a crazy easy recipe means I can now savour the rich taste of gluten & lactose free no bake peanut butter cheesecake!

gluten and lactose free no bake cheesecake

Here’s my scrumptiously simple, quick to make recipe:

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