Fiber Junkie Jollies with the Nudinits

Start your Monday morning with a bit of mirth and visit the Nudinits – the world’s first all-knit animation!


In a cosy corner of England live the nudinits, the quirky inhabitants of Woolly Bush, a village bursting with Britishness but there are a couple of things the villagers are far too polite to mention: Everyone is naked and there’s a huge double entendre in the room! 

Enter the hilarious world of the Nudinits below:

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The Great Thrift Outfit Swap

Ariane (my fellow Canadian frugal fox & creator of the brilliant Thrift Outfit blog) and I challenged each other to create a funky look out of the thrifted bits of awesome we received in our international swap…

are you diggin’ that glittery poncho she sent as much as I am?

Crocheted Beanie (Gift from Belle Monde Handmade) €0 – Vintage Sunglasses (thrifted) €0.20 – Earrings (flea market) €0.50 – Poncho (from Ariane) €0 – Longsleeved Tee (had for years) €0 – T-skirt (refashioned) €0 – Leggings (thrifted) €1 – Knit socks (handmade gift) €0 – Chunky-heeled shoes (had for years) €0

Awesome Ariane also sent me the gorgeous embroidered tunic that I had coveted from her Inspire…expire post:

…but what looked fabulous on her appeared as if I’d been playing dress-up in an elementary school costume box on me.

a chop + a bit of elastic & a quick hem =

a delightful new skirt!

Earrings (handmade gift) €0 – Vintage blouse (thrifted) €1 – Skirt (refashioned) €0 – Knit socks (handmade gift) €0 – Geisswein galoshes (ebay) €14  & my solution for saving my bottom from being unintentionally flashed as I walk up the stairs in a skirt: a pair of boxer briefs

and a fantastic vest top!

Longsleeved Tee (had for years) €0 – Embroidered vest top (refashioned) €0 – Belt (thrifted) €1.50 – Jeans (had for years) €0 – Schweden Clogs (had for 17 years – now that’s quality!) €0

 Merci Beaucoup Ariane!  J’aime mes nouvelles choses de “Thrift Outfit”!

Head on over to Thrift Outfit and check out the amazing way Ariane styled the thrifty Berlin gear I sent + a wee bit of an interview with yours truly…

all the tutes!

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The Bodacious Blogger Swap

How absolutely thrilled was I to be paired with the marvelously stylish Miche of Buttons and Birdcages for this blogger swap?

Purty damn thrilled!

Let’s take a peek at my fabulous Miche-haul:

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bodacious basteldibix

As I’d been an admirer of the amazingly artistic Johanna of Basteldibix for some time I was absolutely ecstatic when she got in touch to do a swap & knew instantly what to request for the exchange…

a fabulous family portrait and…

an amazing logo for my new thrifty series!

Read on to see the entire quirky contents of the groovtastic package I received & what I created for Johanna in return…

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perfectly personalized

Any idea why I’m grinning like a fool?

…because my ultra fabulous personalized jewellery hand created by Silvia With Love has arrived!

I am completely thrilled with my order & firmly believe everyone should own Silvia created accessories, so head on over to her incredibly reasonably priced shop & get yourself a groovy gift!

*I’m thinking I need a “Refashionista” bracelet & one of her adorable button-bike necklaces…ooh…& maybe a robot brooch too! I just lurv everything she makes!

…and isn’t that bit o’ bamboo the cleverest ring packaging you’ve ever seen??

Dr. Swap

Remember Nadine from NadelBernds Nähkästchen (& the Zaubersäckchen)?

Well, as she was smitten with my Hand Warmer and I was smitten with her Tatortschal we decided a fabtastic swapsie was in order…

I absolutely adore my delightful Dr. Who-esque scarf!

Vielen lieben dank Nadine! Du bist Super Toll!

Head over to Nadine’s blog for loads of groovy projects & charmingly delectable cupcakes!

Check out what Nadine thought of her fancy schmancy Sheri-made gear here.

all the tutes!

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Glitter Bombed!

When the lovely Nadine of NadelBernds Nähkästchen invited DIY bloggers in Germany to join her Zaubersäckchen I signed up immediately!

…and just what is a “Zaubersäckchen”?

Why, it’s a little sack filled with crafty bits n’ bobs that travels from blogger to blogger…each marvelous maker selects a few items from the bag & then replaces what they take with odds n’ ends from their own stash before sending the Zaubersäckchen on its merry way.

Clever, eh?

Unfortunately an explosion of glitter greeted me when I opened the sack…aaaargh! Absolutely everything in the package (as well as yours truly) was covered in those pesky sparkles of annoyance…

The culprit? A vial of irksome glitz that had been previously added to the sack but sadly not sealed properly…I cleaned up as many of the crafty bits as possible but unfortunately some of the items were simply unsalvageable (new info I discovered: removing glitter from yarn, feathers & pompoms is frustratingly impossible)

I snagged a few funky scraps of fabric, a stylin’ crochet hook, purty paisley border, 2 mini tassels (perfect for earrings) & a bit of leather cord

I added 4 vintage hankerchiefs, a 1960’s necktie (& links to my groovy tie-tutes), some adorable painted buttons, a selection of  Great Auntie’s handmade lace appliques, ribbons, fabric bows, mini pompoms & a length of pompom yarn.

I repackaged everything up (separating the cleaned yet still somewhat glittery items from the new additions), signed the travel log and sent NadelBernds Zaubersäckchen onto the next lucky DIY Diva!

*I was thinking of hosting an international version of the crafty travelling sack in the new year…anyone care to join in?

*The most important rule? No Glitter Allowed!

Oh! Swap-O UK

When radically cool Keith of Oh! Bento UK (& this fab video collab) and I finally got our acts coordinated enough to swap, I was ultra curious as to just what his Refashionister brain would come up with for yours truly…little did I imagine the freaktastic awesomeness awaiting me in the package:

A cozily cushy blanket shawl that can be worn in so many different ways…

*& it arrived just in time to help me fight through a nasty cold, hence the dopey pj photos…

as a snuggly belted cardigan or boho-esque vest…

an over-sized shrug or purty poncho…

a body heating wrap or warm & fuzzy tunic!

A huge domo arigato to Keith & his clever Refashionister talents! Pure Awesome Sauce!

Be sure to check out Oh! Bento UK for fab (& oh-so-pretty) lunchbox recipes & reviews and don’t forget to give his facebook page some like-y love!

Curious to know what I created for him..?

a dull bowling shirt + a pair of never-worn-blame-it-on-the-hormones-preggy-pants = Keith’s groovy new jacket!

all the tutes!

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Knitastically Linked!

Hooray! It’s finally chilly enough to adorn my head with my superbly swapped Link Hat!

That magnificent piece of noggin gear was created by Yarn-Goddess Rachel of All Night Knits and is snuggly soft, toasty warm & utterly-amazingly-cool!

Drop by her blog & have a giggle at her adventures with the needles, join her groovy knit-a-long, have a browse around her online shop & be sure to show her facebook page some like-y love!

Take a gander at what she thought of the goodies I sent here

all the tutes!

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a fab foursome…

Take a gander at these four fabulous posts from four fabulous blogs:

(c) Pillows a La Mode

Ok…how completely adorable are those little gift pouches from clever Katherine of Pillows a la Mode? Those fab little bags are created from leftover sweater cuffs! Brilliant! & perfect for all of those handmade jewellery gifts we’re giving this Christmas…amiright?

(c) Proyek Akhir Minggu

…and speaking of jewellery, isn’t that necklace display from Chonie of Proyek Akhir Minggu absolutely funktastic? I guarantee you can create one for yourself (or as a cool extra to add to that handmade jewellery gift) with bits you already have in your stash!

kleine kleinigkeiten...

Lookee here…it’s my very first German tutorial (written with help from my Berliner Mann) for a Gastbeitrag (guest post) on Kleine Kleinigkeiten…a new upcycling blog created by Blanca…have a scroll through her corner of Blogland and be sure to show her some facebook like-y love.

Another first for me? Making a bento (Japanese boxed lunch).

When ultra cool Keith of Oh! Bento (& this groovy DIY) requested a guest post from lil’ ol’ me I nearly fell off my seat…once I regained my senses, I busted out my trusty rice cooker & created an erm…interesting looking Refashionista Bento complete with an upcycled Bento box! Check it out & let me know what you think…+ give Oh! Bento a lil’ facebook love too!