I wanna feature your sustainable small business!

Do you create and sell unique upcycled products? Are you a rockin’ refashionista with an online shop? How about a thrift and vintage lover who markets their second hand wares in an internet store?

If so, I wanna feature your sustainable small business!

I wanna feature your sustainable small business!

As my guide to shopping ethical brands is so popular I thought I’d put together another handy list of links featuring fabulous online shops & small businesses that create their one of a kind gear from upcycled materials or meticulously source their unique goods from thrift and charity shops.

If you have an online shop or are simply a fan of one that meets the above criteria leave the link in the comments below (or e-mail it over to me) and I’ll check it out to add to my upcoming sustainable small business shopping guide – fab free advertising is always welcome, amiright?!

all the tutes!

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Totally Smitten With Sustainable Daisy

I covet just about every single outfit my latest eco-fashion crush shares on her Sustainable Daisy blog. Environmental Scientist Karen Housel has a knack for discovering stunning gems at the thrift shop and creating her own unique style!

Sustainable Daisy - Karen

“I LOVE the challenge of finding something affordable, secondhand, and cute for my closet. Sustainable fashion becomes a true hobby if you take the secondhand route because it requires you to rise out of your comfort zone, humble yourself, and to get in touch with your creative side.”

Get to know this sustainable stylista and find out her top tips for creating your own eco-fashion wardrobe:

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Totally Smitten With The Sweet Escape

I’ve been crushing on Melissa DiRenzo for quite some time. The phenomenally talented designer and DIY diva behind The Sweet Escape creates absolutely stunning decor DIYs from thrifty bits and items she already has on hand. The gorgeously photographed projects she shares on her blog provide a wealth of inspiration for every room of the house + loads of creative entertaining ideas!

Melissa - The Sweet Escape

 Get to know marvelous Melissa and discover her top tips for thrifting and upcycling:

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Totally Smitten With Hapiness Wherever

“I cannot work for someone else” is the first line of Zen’s bio on her DIY lifestyle blog Hapiness Wherever, which definitely makes her an upcycling diva after my own heart!

Zen Hapiness Wherever

“Some people said I was crazy to leave such a good job (in one of the world’s leading – rolls eyes at that overused word – marketing agencies) but you know what? I’ve never regretted it, not even when things didn’t work out to plan…”

Discover how Zen transitioned from the stressful world of corporate marketing to inspirational DIY lifestyle blogging + get her top thrifty upcycling tips:

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Who are your fave bloggers?

I’ve spotlighted quite a few of my blog crushes right here in my Totally Smitten With features but as I’m always looking to discover fab new sustainable stylistas and DIY gurus I’d love to find out which bloggers have stolen your hearts (& follows)!

Blogs I Love

Share your faves with me in the comments below and help me discover some more marvelous upcycling stars, thrift style champions and refashionistas!

(feel free to recommend your own blog & you just might be featured in a future Totally Smitten With)

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Continue your passion for upcycling and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a pumpkin spice latte!

– disclaimer: I’ve never had or even seen a pumpkin spice latte in real life –
CoaR ebook collection

I need your refashion ideas!

During a recent stash re-organize I discovered a box full of vintage hankies (57 to be exact) and although I have a few project ideas bouncing around my refashionista brain none of them are really jumping out and demanding to be created.

57 vintage hankies

Any inspiring suggestions?

I absolutely don’t need to use all of the hankies in a single project so every idea, not matter how small, is welcome.

Let your imaginations fly and leave your groovy thoughts in the comments below!

all the tutes!

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Totally Smitten With Mark Montano

I am crazy thrilled to be sharing one of my biggest Totally Smitten With crushes, although I’m quite positive this phenomenal DIY guru needs no introduction!

Mark Montano - make your mark

Mark Montano (squee!) the fabulous fashion designer, television personality, blogger, author extraordinaire and craftastic YouTube star!

Take a gander at how Mark’s online channel began + snag his top tips for refashioning & DIY: 

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Fiber Junkie Jollies with the Nudinits

Start your Monday morning with a bit of mirth and visit the Nudinits – the world’s first all-knit animation!


In a cosy corner of England live the nudinits, the quirky inhabitants of Woolly Bush, a village bursting with Britishness but there are a couple of things the villagers are far too polite to mention: Everyone is naked and there’s a huge double entendre in the room! 

Enter the hilarious world of the Nudinits below:

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Totally Smitten With Pretty Quirky Pants

The awesomeness of Yin’s creative corner of blogland, Pretty Quirky Pants, absolutely needs to be seen to be believed. Each new upcycled project is more imaginative than the last and her refashions are wickedly stylish!

” I have always loved plaid and tartan and have worn my fair share of flannel shirts and tartan school skirts. However, whenever I see pictures of other bloggers or models wearing copious amounts of plaid, I think it looks awesome, but always get too scared to try it out myself…”

Discover the origins of Pretty Quirky Pants + learn Yin’s top thrifting & refashioning tips:

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The Great Thrift Outfit Swap

Ariane (my fellow Canadian frugal fox & creator of the brilliant Thrift Outfit blog) and I challenged each other to create a funky look out of the thrifted bits of awesome we received in our international swap…

are you diggin’ that glittery poncho she sent as much as I am?

Crocheted Beanie (Gift from Belle Monde Handmade) €0 – Vintage Sunglasses (thrifted) €0.20 – Earrings (flea market) €0.50 – Poncho (from Ariane) €0 – Longsleeved Tee (had for years) €0 – T-skirt (refashioned) €0 – Leggings (thrifted) €1 – Knit socks (handmade gift) €0 – Chunky-heeled shoes (had for years) €0

Awesome Ariane also sent me the gorgeous embroidered tunic that I had coveted from her Inspire…expire post:

…but what looked fabulous on her appeared as if I’d been playing dress-up in an elementary school costume box on me.

a chop + a bit of elastic & a quick hem =

a delightful new skirt!

Earrings (handmade gift) €0 – Vintage blouse (thrifted) €1 – Skirt (refashioned) €0 – Knit socks (handmade gift) €0 – Geisswein galoshes (ebay) €14  & my solution for saving my bottom from being unintentionally flashed as I walk up the stairs in a skirt: a pair of boxer briefs

and a fantastic vest top!

Longsleeved Tee (had for years) €0 – Embroidered vest top (refashioned) €0 – Belt (thrifted) €1.50 – Jeans (had for years) €0 – Schweden Clogs (had for 17 years – now that’s quality!) €0

 Merci Beaucoup Ariane!  J’aime mes nouvelles choses de “Thrift Outfit”!

Head on over to Thrift Outfit and check out the amazing way Ariane styled the thrifty Berlin gear I sent + a wee bit of an interview with yours truly…

all the tutes!

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