Thrifty Decor for #ThriftyThursday

It’s completely unnecessary to break the bank when decorating your home. With a bit of imagination and a trip to the thrift shop (or even a hunt through the recycling bin) you can have the unique decor of your dreams!

Thrifty Decor for #ThriftyThursday

Take a peek at some of my fave thrifted and DIY’d decor (+ the tutes to make your own) below:

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How To Clean Metal Decor

Check out this metal bucket of decorative fabulousness I found in the trash!

How to clean metal

Unfortunately it’s not in tip top condition, fortunately I have a few cleaning tricks up my sleeve that’ll have it spruced up in no time!

how to clean metal decor

Grab my top tips for how to clean metal decor + my easy fix for tarnished silver below:

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Easy upcycled DIY paper lanterns

Each year in Germany pre-schoolers take part in the Laternelaufen (lantern walk) to celebrate St. Martin’s day in November. This year I volunteered my DIY diva talents at my kiddo’s pre-school to help them create their fancy schmancy lanterns for their wander through the old town for St. Martin’s evening.

After much thought I came up with a quick upcycled lantern project that would be easy & fun for a room full of rambunctious munchkin’s to create:

Preschool upcycled DIY paper lantern crafting

A rousing success of unleashed kiddo creativity!

easy DIY upcycled paper lanterns

Here’s how to quickly whip up a few of your own:

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My Easy Upcycled DIY Advent Calendar Wreath

‘Tis definitely the season for creative upcycling and as I wanted to do something a wee bit more special than store-bought for the kiddo’s advent calendar this year, I sorted through my hoarded cardboard stash, raided the recycling bin and created this fantastically re-usable bit of awesomeness:

DIY upcycled toilet roll advent calendar wreath tutorial

Here’s how to whip up your own countdown to Christmas before December 1st:

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My Upcycled Vintage Hankie Wall Hangings

My second (and third) vintage handkerchief projects are complete and ready to share!

My Upcycled Vintage Hankie Wall Hangings

First, I grabbed the three Gold Marie kiddo hankies, a small piece of bamboo, a bit of rick-rack trim & a needle and thread.

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My upcycled paper plate buttons

I discovered a couple of polka dot paper plates hidden at the bottom of my kiddo’s crafty stash box and inspiration whacked me over the head, hard!

diy upcycled paper plate buttons

How adorable are those giant buttons?

Create the perfect sewing studio wall decor in minutes with my upcycled paper plate buttons:

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My upcycled toilet roll photo holder

Upcycled toilet roll photo holders

Create a few totally fabulous photo holders from bits you already have around the house!

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My DIY Upcycled Vintage Bedroom

Ahhh, the bedroom, a haven to cozy up in at the end of long day and read a good book before drifting off to dreamland:

upcycled vintage diy bedroom before & after

Pffffft! Just check out that before picture! This tiny, oddly slanted room required quite a bit of work and creative furniture positioning before it became my comfy slumbering space.

upcycled vintage diy bedroom before & after

That terrifyingly filthy, cat hair-filled carpet was replaced with light laminate flooring and the walls were painted a brilliant white – with only one tiny window those bright white walls really help to make up for a lack of natural light.

Take a peek at the rest of my bedroom + get all of tutes below:

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The Upcycled DIY Bird Feeder

As the weather cools down a few birds have decided to take up residence in our tall hedge and the munchkin thought it would be fabulous to create a restaurant for them to dine at when they can’t find any worms or snails, so I put on my refashionista thinking cap and raided the recycling bin!

Upcycled DIY Bird Feeder tutorial

Rinse out an empty bottle, grab your kiddo and create your own with the upcycled bird feeder tutorial!

all the tutes!

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My Upcycled Boot Top Baskets

Remember my fab cowboy boot refashion?

I finally had a DIY diva brainstorm and came up with a quick & quirky project for the chopped boot tops:

upcycled boot top planters diy

here’s how to create your own upcycled boot top baskets:

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