Kawaii Kimono Scrap Patchwork Art

Even after creating this and this and these, I still have loads of gorgeous kimono scraps left from my 2013 swap that I’m struggling to put to good use:

Fabulously fresh vintage kimono scraps thanks to my four step formula!

 Thankfully our new digs had an incredibly awkward wall space that needed filling which gave my imagination the creative kick it needed to bust out those lurvly scraps and get makin’!

A quirktastic patchwork wall hanging…

that fits the perfectly in the awkward space beside my yukata above the staircase!

And as that one was such a success I grabbed a couple of long scraps…

and made one for the odd narrow wall at the top of the stairs & another for the tiny guest bathroom.

all the tutes!

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: DIYs for your New Year’s Eve Party

Planning a cozy bash in your humble abode?

Check out my top DIYs to make your New Year’s Eve party shine over on That Cheap Bitch!

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My Quirky Upcycled Sunglasses Storage Solution

Sometimes it takes awhile for a unique little item to make it home with me from the charity shop.

I spied this cross stitched beauty on each of my thrifty visits for nearly 3 months but as I couldn’t think of a use or a place for it I left it for another vintage lover to discover.

Inspiration finally struck during my last thrifting trip and I snapped this big ol’ frame up! (I honestly can’t believe that no one had purchased it – I guess it was destined to be mine)

Any idea what I did with it?

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My usefully unusual upcyced farm bolt DIY

If you follow me on instagram you’ll already have seen my latest creepy attic discovery:

two fantastically old giant farm bolts!

I knew I just had to upcycle them but these heavy beauties had me a bit stumped…

Any idea what I created with them?

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DIY Woven Wall Art (no loom required!)

Create your own quirky woven wall hanging without a loom from items you have lurking around the house!

all the tutes!

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There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint…

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a gazillion times: I LOVE PAINT!

Sure, there’s a bit of sandpaper & elbow grease involved and waiting for it to dry between coats is maddening but the difference a fresh layer of paint (+ some scraps of fabric) can make to a pair of battered old chairs is amazing:

Totally worth the work! I am completely enamoured with my new kitchen seats!

Need some more painted inspiration?

Take a scroll through my Tutorials for the Nest and marvel at what  a lil’ paint, some fabric & a bit of imagination can do!

all the tutes!

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The Vintage Lamp Revamp

Since moving into our new home we’ve installed a whopping 16 ceiling lamps…whew!

Not by choice or to simply replace existing lights…nope when you move in Berlin there is absolutely nothing in the property whatsoever except the fixtures in the bathroom and the appliance, gas & water hook-ups in the empty kitchen. Having a basic knowledge of electrics, plumbing & DIY is essential as the first few weeks in a new home are spent installing lights, appliances & window coverings + building a kitchen to make it liveable enough to start unpacking and making it your own.

Having moved from a 2 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom house we found ourselves sorely lacking in lights but a visit to the charity shop revealed this vintage beauty for a mere €1.50:

Not exactly my taste but definitely usable…wanna see what I did with it?

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: The Coolest Upcycled Frames

Head on over to That Cheap Bitch and get the scoop on how I transformed those manky but marvelous window frames…

into these fab pieces of vintage-style art!

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The Big Move & a short break

Hooray! Moving day is tomorrow bringing with it a very short break from blogging for moi & loads of upcoming home beautifying DIYs, ideas, tips, tricks & tutorials for you!

Follow my adventures in moving & keep in touch on facebook, instagram, twitter & tumblr.

Our new digs are full of potential so roll up your sleeves, get your imagination in gear & join me on a “before” tour of our soon-to-be stylish new home:

Welcome to our Remise (ree-mee-zay): an early 1900’s farm building that has been converted to a small 2 level house with a yard. An amazingly fortuitous find in big city Berlin & oh-so-conveniently located behind our apartment building - this pic was snapped from our balcony = a pretty convenient move – although trekking up & down the 62 steps lugging boxes & furniture will definitely result in some sore old muscles for a few days!

**the following interior photos were all taken when we first viewed the property and contain the filth, dreck, wall paint & remaining furnishings of the former tenants**

The front foyer is tiny yet functional & just one of the many unfortunate colours the previous renters chose to decorate with

The main floor bathroom with stand-up shower.

All of the scuzzy wooden furnishings will be removed & replaced with DIY goodness

The small room located beside the front foyer.

Walls will be painted gleaming white, the floor replaced with walnut laminate & it will eventually be our guest room

The living room.

The former tenants had divided it into 2 narrow rooms…we shall be knocking out the (uneven) wall, replacing the floor & transforming it back into one large open plan living/dining room.

The kitchen…there are no words.

Check out my thriftastic vintage kitchen furniture here and let your imagination take flight!

Moving on to the second floor with a fancy curving staircase that luckily needs nothing but a good cleaning!

The master bedroom.

Carpet will be torn up and oh so much more!

The upstairs bathroom.

You don’t even wanna know what I saw in that toilet.

My future studio – narrow but nice with 3 large windows!

It’ll be so much lighter & brighter with clean white walls!

The munchkin’s room…in desperate need of a paint job & her fabulous decor!

The attic – great for storage but unfortunately too musty & damp for much else.

and last but certainly not least: the (crazy overgrown) yard…a huge job to be thoroughly tackled in the spring.

S O   M U C H   P O T E N T I A L !

Wish me luck and enjoy a leisurely scroll through my tutorial index, thrifty inspiration posts + hang out with the eco-creators & refashionistas that I’m Totally Smitten With until my return…

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: Ditzy Doodle Lamps

’tis Friday my lovelies and that means I’ve got another thrifty tutorial waiting for ya over on That ¢heap Bit¢h:

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