my DIY upcycled ladder climbing frame + trapeze

I am totally on a roll with my DIY outdoor munchkin toy challenges and have already successfully created an awesome playhouse and superb sandbox by upcycling wooden bits I had stored in attic.

The kiddo was desperate for a climbing frame so I headed up to the attic to see what my imagination could put together:

DIY scrap wood climbing frame + trapeze

Another triumph!

Here’s what I did:

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My upcycled diy bathroom

Do you remember the total blech that was the upstairs bathroom when we moved in?

bathroom before & after

Loads better now, but what about the other end of that narrow, awkwardly shaped room?

bathroom before & after

A massive improvement!

(the outside of that toilet was disturbing but what lurked inside was absolutely terrifying!)

Here’s the breakdown of the thrifty furnishings and DIYs:

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My Thrifty Spruced Up Stairway & Landing

My humble home tour continues with a peek at my thrifty spruced up stairway and landing:

Stairway before & after

Let’s head upstairs…

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My DIY Adjustable Easel

I’m not at all an artist but occasionally I do like to dabble with a bit of paint on canvas.

As trying to create a masterpiece bent over a flat surface is pretty darn uncomfortable & the cost of an “artist’s easel” is insane I hit the wood shop and figured out how to make my very own fancy schmancy adjustable easel:

diy adjustable easel

Here’s what I did:

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The Upcycled DIY Sandbox

After the grand success of our scrap wood playhouse I thought I’d continue my upcycling challenge and try to create a sandbox for the kiddo once again using only what I could find in the attic:

Upcycled sandbox DIY

Another triumph!

Here’s what I did:

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My DIY Green Privacy Screen

DIY privacy screen

What do you do when your DIY privacy fence isn’t quite long enough to shield the yard from the apartment block path next door?

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How to clean vintage ceramics

As my How To Clean Vintage Enamelware post was so popular I thought I’d go ahead and share my collection of thrifted & inherited ceramics + the groovy cleaning tips from the past to keep it all in top condition!

cleaning vintage ceramics (3)

Check out my quirky collection & discover how to maintain your own vintage ceramics & porcelain:

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My thrifty little DIY guest room

Have a look at how I transformed the awkwardly shaped, incredibly small extra-room-beside-the-stairs into a petite but sweet guest room:

This cramped, L-shaped space was in desperate need of a paint job and new flooring

Take the lickety split tour below and check out the rest of the vintage and handmade decor!

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My Scrappy Upcycled DIY Wall Hanging

Add some colour to your walls with my crazy quick no-sew decor tutorial!

all the tutes!

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Replace that Vintage Pot Knob

Remember that sad little pot lid that had lost its knob from my inherited enamelware collection?

I finally figured out how to replace that missing knob!

Here’s what I did:

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