My Amazing DIY Travelling Activity Centre (or Laptop Stand)

Head on over to Dream a Little Bigger and score my step by step for creating a fabulous travelling activity centre for your munchkin (or laptop stand for yourself!)

This groovy project would also make a fab last minute gift!

all the tutes!

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My DIY (not so ugly) Christmas Sweaters

You can’t celebrate the holidays without a quirky Christmas sweater!

Here’s my quick n’ simple scrap busting method for creating adorable seasonal pullovers that will be enjoyed year after year!

Sift through your stash and get embellishing:

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DIY the holidays: a gift guide revisit

Need some groovy upcycled gift ideas for your handmade holiday?

Click the lists below & revisit my perfectly poetic last minute makes from last year and DIY thrifty (yet oh-so-amazing) prezzies for the whole clan!



…and don’t forget to give yourself the gift of my free Confessions of a Refashionista: Ikea Hack Attack book download!

all the tutes!

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The easiest DIY shorts…

It’s still summer somewhere…

…so why not create a few pairs of easy peasy shorts for the munchkin (or yourself) out of those squares of light weight fabric hiding in your stash?

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totally cool tunics: a beach-y DIY

Whew! Our Egyptian (mis)adventure is thankfully over, we are safely home in Berlin & I can share the groovy gear I created for what should have been a relaxing holiday but a series of incredibly unfortunate (& downright unlucky) events transformed into a miserable trip…sigh

First up, my stylin’ keep cool dude & kiddo tunics:

fab full coverage for 50°C  sunshine

& perfect for a breezy evening of stone throwing

Make a few of your own with my quick how-to:

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a super speedy DIY kiddo dress

Need a quick-as-wink solution for a grumpy gal who simply won’t get dressed?

Whip up a fancy new dress in minutes & finally get her clothed & out of the door!

onto the lickety split how-to…

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Ikea Hack Attack: The DIY Munchkin Closet

I love the convenience & excitement of big city living but space is always an issue…

The kiddo & her wardrobe had completely outgrown the dresser that once oh-so-neatly stored her little clothes & accessories and my search for something larger (yet small enough to fit into the scant space available in her room) revealed nil, so…

I once again hit the As-Is section of Ikea & let my imagination take over:

our old Ikea Gorm shelf + an As-Is Mulig clothing valet + a bit of creativity =

a groovy new munchkin closet that fits perfectly in the last remaining space in her room!

after painting the Gorm shelving unit blue I simply rearranged the shelves & removed the center wood slat from the top shelf to allow the valet space to peek through

added a couple of old coffee table legs to the inside of the unit for more hanging space

and popped some storage bins onto the shelves!

all the tutes!

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Baby’s got a brand new bag…

Any idea what  little madam’s fancy new bag was created from?

I guarantee you’ll have all of the ingredients lurking around the house so let’s get makin’!

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Lil’ Loungers: DIY Bedsheet PJ Pants

My hilarious moppet has apparently inherited my tothood penchant for half-streaking

– the evidence, directly from my baby book

Tops & accessories are mandatory attire but bottoms are most definitely optional…

what’s a frazzled mommy to do?

Create a bunch of colourfully fun & comfy lounge pants that the mini-naturist can’t wait to pull on!

Here’s the quick how-to:

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the stupendous socktopus

Create a hilarious under sea buddy out of your kiddo’s outgrown tights in less than an hour with my lightning quick tutorial:

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