A Quick Tunic Refashion

Refashioning munchkin gear is an awesome way to stretch a few more months of wear out of those nearly outgrown clothes and can transform hand-me-downs into fantastic one of a kind fashions your kiddo will love!

Take a peek at my quick tunic refashion tutorial on Dream a Little Bigger and see just how easy it is!

all the tutes!

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Set for Summer: DIY Munchkin Makes

Hooray! The warm weather has finally arrived which means it’s time to sort through those kiddo clothes and decide what can be kept, what can be refashioned and what to pass over to a smaller munchkin.

I’ve collected my top beat the heat projects to help you stretch a couple more months of wear out of those outgrown items + upcycle some scrappy stash bits into stylish accessories:

summer makes roundup

Get set for summer with my DIY munchkin makes!

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The DIY Upcycled Scrap & Pallet Wood Playhouse

I challenged myself to build a playhouse using only what we had stored in the attic:


Here’s how we did it:

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Get my CoaR Books for 4 Bucks!

I’ve teamed up with magnificent maker community Kollabora & collected my absolute fave upcycled DIYs to bring you an all new Confessions of a Refashionista e-book series!

I’ve gathered my best Delightful Dresses, DIYs for Guys and Upcycled Toy projects together into 3 convenient e-books and am thrilled to announce that they are now available for instant download for a mere $4 (US).

Check out what the new Confessions of a Refashionista series is all about + help me decide which book(s) to write next:

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A Simple Refashion for Girls

My kiddo wanted to dress to impress for her birthday party at pre-school and oh-so-politely asked that I make her something “bootiful and vewy strong”.

I puzzled over her vague request for a bit and came up with this:

A cotton & tulle dress with the strength of a pirate!

(the plastic dress-up box shoes were selected & styled by the munchkin but did not make final approval to be worn to pre-school)

Here’s how it quickly came together + another refashionista mistake that I make far too often:

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My Recycled DIY Pinata(s)

If you follow me on instagram & facebook you’ll already know that I had planned to create a glorious Lumpy Space Princess pinata for the munchkin’s 4th birthday extravaganza.

However, as the wonderful world of upcycling never goes completely as planned, I ended up raiding the recycling bin and using 2 entirely different methods to create 2 entirely different pinatas.

Here’s what I did:

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DIY Pet Rock Party Favors

Need a quick and quirky mini-gift for your guests?

Create some adorable pet rocks & present them in groovy upcycled wrapping with my quick tutorial!

*Including my fab free printable Pet Rock Care instructions in English & Deutsch*

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The Delightful DIY Dinosaur Costume

Has anyone else spied a dinosaur in their parking lot?

Here’s how to create your own fast moving stegosaurus from items you may already have around the house:

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A DIY Gold Marie for Karneval in Germany

Since learning the Brother’s Grimm fairytale of Frau Holle at pre-school my kiddo has been obsessed and I have been subjected to daily viewings of the 1961 German film adaptation:

As it’s once again Karneval time in Germany my darling daughter insisted that I create the “most specialist Gold Marie costume in the world”!

Complete with her glittery golden spool my little Gold Marie would surely make Frau Holle proud!

Here’s how I created it:

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The Great Mommy & Munchkin refashion

Refashioning sustainable, ethical style for yourself is fantastic but when you can cleverly create some groovy new gear for your kiddo from the same upcycled victim you’re well on your way to a no-waste eco-fashion project of awesomeness!

Pop on over to Dream a Little Bigger and I’ll show you how to raid your refashion stash and whip up a rockin’ skirt for yourself + a pair of lounge pants for your little one with The Great Mommy & Munchkin Refashion!

all the tutes!

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