snow dough

Cheers to the internet yet again for providing one of the most entertaining rainy day munchkin activities to date:

Snow dough! – a.k.a: cloud dough

A wonderfully easy to make bit of fluffy fun that keeps the kiddo occupied for at least an hour…yay!

*Here’s my 100% safe to eat, easy to clean & store for future use recipe for snow dough success:

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In the Mood for (refashioned) Couture

Have you discovered the incredible creations of Cristina from In the mood for Couture?

I was so smitten with her chemise très écologique that I just had to make one for myself…(with an added tweak or two of course)

Read on for the über creative quick how-to…

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the purty prairie dress

I was born & raised on the Canadian prairies and no matter where I am in the world those restful meadows remain with me…

Here’s how to create your own pretty salute to those gorgeous grasslands with a couple of bits from Grandma’s farmhouse cupboard…

let’s get making…

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the flirtastic silvester skirt

A hearty Happy New Year & zum neuen Jahr Gesundheit, Glück und viel Erfolg to all!

Are ya diggin’ my fabulously swing-y skirt for Silvester? (New Year’s Eve in Germany)

Create your own in a flash with a few bits from the bottom of your stash…

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