my 10 minute tulle skirt: a dainty DIY

After the success of my crazy cool organza curtain skirt I thought I’d try my hand at a flouncy tulle version…


the failed ballerina in me totally digs it!

Here’s how to create your own in about 10 minutes from a thrifted curtain:

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My Kittenhood Inspired DIY Overall Dress

When I saw Daria’s absolutely ingenious DIY pinafore I just knew I had to create one for myself…

*as my maxi-skirt-refashion-victim had a front zip I had to add a few tweaks & changes to her original tutorial

Here’s what I did:

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Ariane’s Inspiring Vintage Refashion

I had a frumpy yet fabulously patterned 1960′s top & skirt set hidden away for far too long…unfortunately refashionista inspiration just wasn’t happening with this one:

Thanks to the always amazing Ariane of the stylish blog Thrift Outfit & her inspiring trendy crop top video I now have this:

Take a peek at Ariane’s adorable tutorial & re-create your own dowdy thrifted set :

Merci beaucoup Ariane! Vous êtes une inspiration chic!

all the tutes!

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Snatch ‘em & Patch ‘em Jeans

My fantastic new-to-me crocheted tunic (thrifted for only a €1!) definitely deserved some equally awesome bohemian bottoms…so I snatched a pair of loose fitting jeans from my stash, grabbed my scissors & got to work!

The result? An adorable outfit with flower child flair!

Here’s how to make a pair of your own perfectly patched jeans:

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The Jumpsuit that just wasn’t meant to be…

Not all refashions are winners and I usually wouldn’t share my hilarious failures but this one was simply too awkwardly bad to hide away & keep to myself:

The idea was brilliant – transform a frumpy vintage dress into a stylin’ jumpsuit.

The method was solid in my head – but when put into practice was sorely lacking.

So without further ado here’s what I did and what I learned for my next (hopefully successful) attempt:

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