the small to smaller dress refashion

Thrifting online is awesome and I love thrill of opening a fabulous frugal delivery…the only drawback is when what awaits you in your package isn’t quite as advertised (but even then it’s still pretty awesome!):

This cozy flannel dress was described as a size small – I can comfortably wear an average “medium” and was swimming in this + the neckline was so wide that it slid off of my shoulders when I wasn’t shrugging – but for only €1.00 I wasn’t about to complain or send it back so I busted out some basic refashioning skills, got to work and in less than an hour had this beauty:

the perfect €1 plaid dress to go with my fantastic €1 thrifted jacket!

Here’s what I did:

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The transformed refashion…

Remember my fab Kittenhood inspired denim overall dress?

Well my pretties, it has been transformed into a most adorable pinafore with these thrifty ingredients:

Head on over to Kittenhood for the step-by-step tutorial – a groovy guest post by yours truly

all the tutes!

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Strapless no more: a modest refashion

As a member of the VaVaVoom Club since puberty strapless garments have never been at the top of my must wear list but when I spied a lurvly tube-topped beach dress for a mere €0.50 at the flea market I figured I’d give it a whirl…after adding some straps of course:

Get your straps on with my speedy how-to:

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