February Refashion Challenge: An Upcycled V-Day

Even though I’m not at all a fan of the silly consumerist day of romance the obvious choice for February’s Refashion Challenge is Valentine’s Day. So get refashioning those V-Day gifts and inevitable date night outfits and share your lovey dovey projects with the Gone Thrifting group!

February refashion Challenge An Upcycled V-Day

Here’s a few DIYs to get you inspired for the Gone Thrifting February Refashion Challenge: An Upcycled V-Day

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My DIY Vintage Hankie Circle Scarf

’tis time for yet another fancy schmancy vintage hankie stashbusting project!

DIY vintage hankie patchwork circle scarf tutorial

Isn’t that scarf just delightful? This crazy simple make can be personalized to anyone’s taste and style + it whips up in minutes!

Check out my DIY vintage hankie circle scarf video tute below: 

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Instant Last Minute DIY Gifts

Christmas is looming
and your heart is azooming
Don’t fret, never fear
Refashionista Sheri is here
with prezzies for surprise guests
who descend on your nest
or to help finish off your list
with instant last minute DIY gifts!

Instant Last Minute DIY Gifts

Each of my instant last minute DIY gifts can be created in no time with bits and bobs you may already have lurking about the house – perfect for unexpected (but welcome) holiday visitors and impulsive giving!

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Pssst! Know what makes a great gift?

My all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

Simply download, print and give the gift of ethically sustainable DIY style!

CoaR DIY ebook collection

Quick & Easy Recycled Gift Boxes & Bags

With all of the excess paper and packaging we have in our recycling bins there’s absolutely zero reason to purchase gift wrap + presenting your gifts in fun, unique (& reusable) packages makes them even more special!

DIY recycled gift boxes and bags

Here’s a few groovy ideas to get you started:

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My DIY Upcycled Refashioned Christmas Blouses

The holiday season is most definitely the busiest time of year for we crafty divas and although there are never enough hours in the day, new DIY traditions always seem to sneak their way into my to-do list.

Last year’s (not so ugly) Christmas sweaters were such a hit that I’ve decided to come up with a fresh festive refashion to add to our wardrobe every year!

So what’s my wearable happy holidays project for 2015?

DIY upcycled christmas blouse refashion tutorial

Hilariously awesome Christmas Character blouses!

Here’s how to whip up your own:

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My Easy Upcycled DIY Advent Calendar Wreath

‘Tis definitely the season for creative upcycling and as I wanted to do something a wee bit more special than store-bought for the kiddo’s advent calendar this year, I sorted through my hoarded cardboard stash, raided the recycling bin and created this fantastically re-usable bit of awesomeness:

DIY upcycled toilet roll advent calendar wreath tutorial

Here’s how to whip up your own countdown to Christmas before December 1st:

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October Refashion Challenge: Upcycled Accessories

A deep breath of crisp October air signals that winter is on the way bringing with it the need to get started creating those  groovy handmade gifts…akk!

Put on your DIY diva caps and get making some fabulous upcycled accessories for October’s Refashion Challenge!

Create and share your inspiring upcycled accessory projects with my Gone Thrifting group and I’ll feature them at the end of each month on my facebook page!

october refashion challenge upcycled accessories

Grab some inspiration with my funky upcycled accessory projects below:

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My upcycled toilet roll photo holder

Upcycled toilet roll photo holders

Create a few totally fabulous photo holders from bits you already have around the house!

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No Sew DIY Upcycled Scrappy Fringe Pins

diy no sew fringe pins

Create a few funky fringe-y pins with my crazy easy no sew scrapbusting tutorial!

 Continue your refashioning journey with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte! 
CoaR ebook collection

all the tutes!

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My Recycled DIY Pinata(s)

If you follow me on instagram & facebook you’ll already know that I had planned to create a glorious Lumpy Space Princess pinata for the munchkin’s 4th birthday extravaganza.

However, as the wonderful world of upcycling never goes completely as planned, I ended up raiding the recycling bin and using 2 entirely different methods to create 2 entirely different pinatas.

Here’s what I did:

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