(kinda) Crocheted Sandals

Don’tcha love it when the (oh-so-simple) solution to potentially awesome yet unworn gear you’ve had for ages suddenly smacks you right in the middle of your refashionista brain?

So it was with my groovtastic crocheted sandals:


Before their transformation these beauties were such torture on my tender tootsies they were banished to the storage room for nearly 4 years!

Here’s how I (finally) revamped them into my fancy oh-so-comfortable summer slip-ons…

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The Perfectly Polished Purse…

I’m totally wild about my groovy new handbag…in addition to coordinating excellently with my fab vintage skirt it was hand painted just for me by my lovely little lady…here’s how we did it:

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wear your heart on your sleeve…literally!

I completely admit to pinching this wonderfully wacky idea from the supremely talented & amazingly artistic Johanna of Basteldibix (creator of my awesome new “…gone thrifting” logo):

Here’s how to create your own quirktastically literal heart on your sleeve pin (with my oh-so-artistic free template):

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