That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: The Upcycled Refashioned DIY Sweater Tote

Pop on by That Cheap Bitch and discover my nearly no-sew method for transforming an insanely itchy sweater…

into an Upcycled Refashioned DIY Sweater Tote:

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A quick faux leather fix


My most favourite pair of shoes in the universe have finally cracked under the pressure of being so awesome:

I thrifted these shoes a whopping 12 years ago in London and for a pair of second hand faux leather loafers they have definitely done their duty!

The problem is I’m still madly in lurv with them and refuse to let them go…unfortunately the local cobbler said absolutely nothing can be done once faux leather starts to crack and peel.

Oh really? 

I put on my refashionista-thinking-cap, grabbed some gear I had around the house and fixed them up as best as I could!

Here’s what I did:

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Dream a Little Bigger with my Upcycled Denim Bangles

Raid your scrappy stash, head on over to Dream a Little Bigger and create a bodacious set of upcycled denim bangles with my groovy step-by-step tute:

I wear mine ALL of the time and they also make a funky, lickety split gift!

(+ they look magnificent with my freebie antique typewriter don’tcha think?)

My DIY Messenger Bag

Create a spacious, adjustable strapped bag from a couple of thrifted table runners with my quick how-to:

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(kinda) Crocheted Sandals

Don’tcha love it when the (oh-so-simple) solution to potentially awesome yet unworn gear you’ve had for ages suddenly smacks you right in the middle of your refashionista brain?

So it was with my groovtastic crocheted sandals:


Before their transformation these beauties were such torture on my tender tootsies they were banished to the storage room for nearly 4 years!

Here’s how I (finally) revamped them into my fancy oh-so-comfortable summer slip-ons…

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