The Patchwork Duffel Bag Save

I’d been searching for the perfect carry-on to join me on my upcoming adventures but was having a hard time finding a bag that met all of my strict criteria:

- large enough to hold the vast & varied in-flight/travel necessities for the munchkin & myself yet small enough to pass the airline’s carry-on size restrictions

- colourfully awesome, totally unique looking and second hand

As my charity shop karma was just not happening I busted out my online thrifting tips and scored this beauty in no time flat:

A fabulously colourful patchwork duffel bag described “as-new”scored for €5 including shipping!

Unfortunately when it arrived the condition was a far cry from “as-new” & it was missing the shoulder strap – fortunately my refashionista brain came up with a few groovy ideas to transform that worn out duffel into the perfect carry on bag!

Here’s what I did:

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The Delightful DIY Dinosaur Costume

Has anyone else spied a dinosaur in their parking lot?

Here’s how to create your own fast moving stegosaurus from items you may already have around the house:

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3 DIY Methods for Adding Clutch Chains

As hard as I try I simply can’t resist the lure of the €1 bag bin at my fave charity shop. Rummaging through those tangled straps always reveals a hidden vintage treasure.

Although not always in perfect condition my retro beauties can easily be spruced up with a bit of refashionista creativity:

Discover my 3 simple methods for adding a fabulous chain strap to those vintage clutches, bags & coin purses:

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(Thrifty) Romance in a Jar

This year give the gift of thrifty love for Valentine’s day and create some heartfelt and oh-so-quirky romance jars!

Perfect for both guys and gals these (thrifty) Romance in a Jar gifts are a cinch to create and can be personalized for every style and taste!

Grab a jar & head to Dream a Little Bigger for my quick & easy tute!

all the tutes!

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A DIY Gold Marie for Karneval in Germany

Since learning the Brother’s Grimm fairytale of Frau Holle at pre-school my kiddo has been obsessed and I have been subjected to daily viewings of the 1961 German film adaptation:

As it’s once again Karneval time in Germany my darling daughter insisted that I create the “most specialist Gold Marie costume in the world”!

Complete with her glittery golden spool my little Gold Marie would surely make Frau Holle proud!

Here’s how I created it:

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The quick collar refashion: a diy for guys

Whilst sifting through my stash I discovered a shirt without a collar and a collar without a shirt…so I put ‘em together & created a stylin’ new button down for the dude:

Here’s how to quickly create your own:

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Refashioning 101: Minor Adjustments

Getting started refashioning can be intimidating. Making that first major chop or ripping out the seams of a garment definitely requires a bit of creative courage…especially when you haven’t a clue what the end result will look like!

Instead of diving head first into the refashioning deep end, begin with a project guaranteed to start your eco-fashion journey with the creative confidence needed to continue your budding passion for refashion!

Head on over to Dream a Little Bigger for the next installment of my Refashioning 101 series & remember, even minor adjustments can make an impressive difference!

all the tutes!

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My DIY Copycat Wrap Skirt

I’ve once again had some blast from the past inspiration from my younger self and recreated the fabulous wrap skirt seen on 90’s moi:

’tis always hilarious to look back on the oh-so-cool-young-me

Here’s how to make your own 90’s inspired wrap skirt:

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How To Thrift Online – My Top Tips

Hunting through the racks of your local thrift & charity shops for hidden second hand treasures is marvelous but have you ever thought of thrifting online?

The same thrill of discovery and groovy prices scored while lounging in PJs from the comfort of your own home is a pretty awesome way to spend a lazy afternoon hibernating from these last frozen days of winter.

And so I present my How-to and Top Tips for Online Thrifting Trips:

I’m using the most well-known online marketplace for my example but these tips can be tweaked & tailored for just about any internet shopping platform…

Step 1: Login & select the category you’re interested in browsing.

My fave is, of course, Clothing & Accessories…

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The Groovy Gingham Coat Dress Save

Refashioning doesn’t always have to be creative & time consuming.

Sometimes the best results come from a simple fix or alteration…

I discovered that frumptastic bit of gingham in the men’s section of the charity shop - proving once again that you gotta look everywhere - and figured, missing buttons or not, with a shorten it would make a rather awesome little frock! (+ as it was only €1 I couldn’t really go wrong) 

Check out the quick transformation:

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