My Upcycled Boot Top Baskets

Remember my fab cowboy boot refashion?

I finally had a DIY diva brainstorm and came up with a quick & quirky project for the chopped boot tops:

upcycled boot top planters diy

here’s how to create your own upcycled boot top baskets:

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My Top 8 Groovy DIY Jumpsuits

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I am a bit of a jumpsuit addict. I just can’t get enough of those fabulous all-in-one, throw on and go fashionista wardrobe staples. Unfortunately finding jumpsuits off the rack that suit my quirky style and curvy figure is quite a challenge, fortunately this refashionista has created more than few DIYs to not only transform thrifted jumpsuits to suit your style but also create your own from scratch without a pattern!

CoaR Groovy Jumpsuits ebook

I’ve collected my absolute fave step-by-step jumpsuit projects from my Confessions of a Refashionista + added 2 more never before seen DIY jumpsuit tutes!

Contains 8 projects + styling inspiration with easy to follow tutorials & full colour step by step photos for everyone from first-time upcyclers to experienced Refashioners!

The Groovy Jumpsuit DIYs include:

5 Lovely Lassie Jumpsuits
2 Quirky Kiddo Jumpsuits
A fab outfit accessory project
+ a thrifty jumpsuit styling inspiration guide!

(grab all of my fab CoaR for $3 tutorial collections right here)

My thrifty DIY ketchup and fries shirt refashion

It’s no secret that I think That Cheap Bitch has a fabulous attitude about personal style & fashion and when I saw her latest snazzy acquisitions I instantly began coveting them. Unfortunately the price tag and (potentially) unethical production practices of the brands behind the outfit meant the actual ensemble could not be mine:

DIY french fry blouse and flares

Fortunately my eco-refashionista-self managed to not only replicate and upcycle those groovy flares and that french fry & ketchup patched shirt for a fraction of the price from second hand items but also recreate and personalize the look to my own style.

diy french fry & ketchup blouse

Raid your wardrobe, hit the charity shop and create your own monogrammed, funky french fry & ketchup patched boxy shirt and a pair of fab flares with my quick & easy tutes (+ free patch templates!)

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Refashioning 101: DIY Embellishments

Adding funky embellishments is one of the quickest and easiest refashioning methods you can use to update your wardrobe!

Refashioning 101 DIY embellishments

Sift through your stash and snag those groovy little doilies, zippers and buttons and discover how to take those clothes lurking at the back of your closet from drab to oh-so-uniquely fab with my Refashioning 101: DIY Embellishments over on Dream a Little Bigger!

all the tutes!

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Continue your passion for upcycling and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

CoaR ebook collection

September Refashion Challenge: Denim

Ahhh September, the leaves are changing colour, there’s a chill in the air and I get another year older.

What better way to welcome autumn than with a refashioning salute to that fabulously hard wearing, perfect for layering, cool weather fabric: Denim

Create and share your magnificent upcycled denim projects with my Gone Thrifting group and I’ll feature them at the end of each month on my facebook page!

september refashion challenge denim

September Refashion Challenge: Denim

Grab some groovy refashion inspiration with 8 of my fave upcycled denim projects below:

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A Blog Break & Bist Du in Berlin?

Work is piling up and I’m beginning to get a wee bit behind with my creative responsibilities so I’ve decided to take a short one week hiatus from posting, put my nose to the grindstone and try to get ahead of the game.

CoaR's Wallstreet Journal telephone interview

…and this is what a thrifty refashionista wears when she’s being telephone-interviewed by the Wall Street journal.

Until my return feel free to take a leisurely scroll through my hundreds of DIY tutorials (conveniently organized by category and project type), snag some thrifty style inspiration, go behind the scenes and discover how to shop ethically.

I’ve also got a fun-filled Q&A video in the works so feel free to ask me those quirky queries you’ve been curious about in the comments below and I’ll add them to my creative question list.

Bist Du in Berlin?

Möchtest Du auch in einem Refashionista Makeover mitmachen? Sende mir bitte eine E-Mail oder schreibe einen Kommentar unten. Lasse mich wissen, wo Du in Berlin lebst und ich werde mich bei Dir mit den Details melden, wie Du ein Teil in meinem nächsten Refashionista Makeover Webisode wirst. *Fließendes Englisch ist nicht erforderlich, aber einen fantastischen Sinn für Humor ist ein Muss!

Are you in Berlin?

Would you like a Refashionista Makeover? Simply send me an e-mail or leave a comment below letting me know in which area of the city you live & I’ll get back to you with the details on how you can take part in a future  Refashionista Makeover Webisode! *Fluent English is NOT required but a fantastic sense of humour is a must!

all the tutes!

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A Satiny #ThriftyThursday

When putting together outfits to share for Thrifty Thursday I usually need look no further than the fab collection of second hand, DIY’d eco-fashion that fills my wardrobe however this Silk or Satin Loveliness theme had me stumped as the only silk item in my wardrobe is this too-hot-for-August refashioned dress.

But then I remembered a tacky satin top that had been lurking in my stash for far too long so I grabbed my seam ripper & sewing gear and got to work transforming it into something I’d actually wear:

Refashioned satin top ootd

Get the scoop behind the thrifty outfit + the tutorial for my fab upcycled necklace below:

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My Upcycled Vintage Hankie Tote

Whoohoo! My first vintage-hankie-stash busting project is complete!

upcycled diy hankie totebag tutorial

Thrift some pretty handkerchiefs and recreate my upcycled vintage hankie tote for yourself:

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The Upcycled Brooch Bracelet

Most of us have a tacky brooch (or three) lurking at the bottom of our jewelry boxes so why not transform them into quirky one of a kind arm adornments?

Upcycled brooch bracelet tutorial header

Raid your stash or hit the thrift shop and create the upcycled brooch bracelet for yourself with my easy tutorial over on Dream a little Bigger! (also makes a groovy DIY gift!)

all the tutes!

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Continue your passion for upcycling and refashion with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista ebook series for less than a latte!

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My thrifty DIY munchkin room

When we moved in the kiddo’s room was in desperate need of an overhaul:

Thrifty Upcycled Kids Room before after

That awful dark red & brown paint job and the moldy walls were soon taken care of with professional products and (about) a million coats of brilliant white.

Thrifty Upcycled Kids Room before after

The clean white walls really give an illusion of space!

Get the scoop & tutorials behind the kiddo’s happy hideaway at home…

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