An Easy Overripe Veggie Soup Recipe

Don’t toss those overripe or leftover veggies in the trash, use them to whip up a hearty meal in minutes!

An Easy Overripe Veggie Soup Recipe

Get the quick and easy deets behind an easy overripe veggie soup recipe and fill your tummy with delicious, homemade comfort food!

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My Fave Gluten & Lactose Free Christmas Treat Recipes

My diet has changed radically since being diagnosed with celiac, severe lactose intolerance and ibs (just a few of the less than stellar additions my body has decided to take on as it gets older). Unfortunately German supermarkets have yet to provide tasty options for a variety of dietary needs so I’ve had to become rather inventive in the kitchen.

As attempting to find a sweet treat that I can actually eat while out and about during the holiday season is nearly impossible I’ve come up with a few tweaks to my not so secret family recipes to satisfy my Christmas cravings.

gluten and lactose free treat roundup

Take a peek at My Fave Gluten & Lactose Free Christmas Treat Recipes and whip up some tummy pleasing sweets this holiday season:

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Gluten & Lactose Free No Bake Peanutbutter Cheesecake

My rosacea combined with severe gluten AND lactose intolerances means I’m rarely able to enjoy a sweet treat while out & about without suffering the dire consequences within 24 hours – blerg!

Thankfully a few tweaks to a crazy easy recipe means I can now savour the rich taste of gluten & lactose free no bake peanut butter cheesecake!

gluten and lactose free no bake cheesecake

Here’s my scrumptiously simple, quick to make recipe:

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My Lactose & Gluten Free DIY Syrup

Living throughout the world has meant I haven’t always been able to find (or afford!) certain scrumptious luxuries that I took for granted while growing up in Canada so I’ve gotten pretty good at substituting ingredients and creating my own versions of those long remembered favourites.

My most missed flavourful food addition is real Canadian maple syrup. Every country I’ve lived in has had an insanely expensive version of this breakfast necessity but none of them have been even remotely tasty (or Canadian) enough to be worth the crazy prices so I decided to try to make my own:

and had enough success to fool the locals!

Here’s my quick & tasty recipe for perfect pancake syrup:

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That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: Deliciously Hydrated

Does anyone else find it impossible to stay hydrated in the winter or am I the only one who needs the blistering heat of the summer sun to remind me to drink enough water?

During these frosty months stay deliciously hydrated with my DIY infused water how-to over on That Cheap Bitch! Your parched winter skin will thank you for it!

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Posh Leftovers – a DIY Chocolate Recipe

Can you believe I made that delectable, luxurious looking chocolate from cheap foil wrapped ornaments left over from the holidays?

Raid your baking cupboard and let’s get making:

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fruitastic french toast

Do you have a copious amount of Christmas fruit cake or banapple bread sitting on the counter?

Have a peek at my yummy solution for using up those stale leftovers before you chuck ’em in the bin:


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crazy quick coconut cake

On the hunt for something delightfully sweet yet also gluten & lactose free that would actually satisfy my discerning palate I recalled a scrumptastic coconut cake recipe from the always fabulous Katherine of Pillows a la Mode:

Delectably divine and a cinch to make without lactose or gluten!

…let’s get baking!

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Polar Strawberries

Here’s a scrumptiously healthy beat-the-heat-treat idea that I pinched from crochet queen Bekka of Belle Monde Handmade:

delectably delicious frozen strawberries!

Here’s how to make a yummy batch of your own:

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banapple bread…

One of my absolute favourite school lunch treats was discovering a piece of  homemade banapple bread tucked in under my sandwich…the perfect save-for-last-never-got-traded-surprise that was actually kinda good for me…

…whip up a batch of your own in a jiffy

 …and it’s a fabulously delicious way to put that overripe fruit to good use!

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