That Cheap (DIY) B*tch: Deliciously Hydrated

Does anyone else find it impossible to stay hydrated in the winter or am I the only one who needs the blistering heat of the summer sun to remind me to drink enough water?

During these frosty months stay deliciously hydrated with my DIY infused water how-to over on That Cheap Bitch! Your parched winter skin will thank you for it!

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Posh Leftovers – a DIY Chocolate Recipe

Can you believe I made that delectable, luxurious looking chocolate from cheap foil wrapped ornaments left over from the holidays?

Raid your baking cupboard and let’s get making:

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fruitastic french toast

Do you have a copious amount of Christmas fruit cake or banapple bread sitting on the counter?

Have a peek at my yummy solution for using up those stale leftovers before you chuck ‘em in the bin:


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crazy quick coconut cake

On the hunt for something delightfully sweet yet also gluten & lactose free that would actually satisfy my discerning palate I recalled a scrumptastic coconut cake recipe from the always fabulous Katherine of Pillows a la Mode:

Delectably divine and a cinch to make without lactose or gluten!

…let’s get baking!

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Polar Strawberries

Here’s a scrumptiously healthy beat-the-heat-treat idea that I pinched from crochet queen Bekka of Belle Monde Handmade:

delectably delicious frozen strawberries!

Here’s how to make a yummy batch of your own:

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banapple bread…

One of my absolute favourite school lunch treats was discovering a piece of  homemade banapple bread tucked in under my sandwich…the perfect save-for-last-never-got-traded-surprise that was actually kinda good for me…

…whip up a batch of your own in a jiffy

 …and it’s a fabulously delicious way to put that overripe fruit to good use!

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Tantalizing Toffee…

As a tot with a such a large extended family, holidays meant shuttling from relative to relative to have chubby cheeks pinched, forehead covered with kisses & legions of snuggly squeezes. My reward(s) for adorably & angelicly enduring all of this attention? Homemade wacky sugar-high inducing sweets (+ a load of fantastic handcrafted gifts!). One of my absolute faves was Great Auntie’s ooey-gooey melt-in-your-mouth-and-all-over-your-hands toffee…

Whip up a batch & you’ll have your kiddos racing about the house in no time flat!

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Grandma’s Chocococonutty (no-bake) Macaroons

a lil’ disclaimer before we start: this is a recipe for macaroons not macarons

Some of the best memories I have of my Grandma involve these super fast, super fun to make, no-bake mounds of deliciousness!

Now that I have a munchkin of my own I’ve discovered why Grandma made these whenever her legion of grandkids descended on the kitchen…they’re absolutely fabulous to keep little helping hands busy & out of trouble! Let’s get started:

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Sunday Waffles

See that cutie-patootie up there? That’s the dude, eons ago, on his first day of school.

In Germany it’s traditional to give the kiddos a Zuckertüte – sugarbag (nowadays called a Schultüte – schoolbag) on the first day of school. It’s simply a colourful cardboard cone filled with sweets, trinkets and neat back to school supplies. Another popular German tradition? (at least in our house)

Sunday waffles - made by daddy
Here’s the scrumptious recipe passed down from Oma:

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I lived on a tiny island in Greece for 4 years…this was my backyard

Omorfi! In addition to my phenomenal view I also had an amazing adopted Yaya (grandma) who was constantly stuffing me full of delicious Greek delicacies. I’d join her in the kitchen, when she’d allow it, in an attempt to learn some of her culinary secrets…

and so without further ado, here’s my teensy-bit-lower-fat version of Yaya’s Moussaka

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