baby weight be gone: the reviews

I’ve been on my bottomtighteningquest for a tiring yet toning 4 months and I’m over the moon to report that I can now comfortably fit into my pre-preggie jeans!

and I’m only 1 belt hole away from having my flat tummy back!

I thought I’d share my thoughts about each of the work-out dvds I’ve been using to lose my flab & tighten my tushy…

All from Davina McCall (& her trainers Jackie & Mark Wren) these four dvds are whipping me back into shape. Here’s the why’s & how’s:

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Better than Black Honey?

An almost lipstick that not only costs a fraction of Clinique’s Black Honey but also lasts longer and is a lovelier shade? Yup! Meet my latest discovery & new favourite for daily wear:

Labello Fruity Shine in Pomegranate is freaking awesome! Check it out:

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A Telescopic Lash Explosion?

Freebies are awesome! I signed up for Loreal’s Absolutely VIP (strictly to score some discounts on my current hair colour of choice) and was sent a full sized tube of Telescopic Explosion Mascara.

This little tube sells for about €12 (in store) & promises “A spectacular fanned-out effect, for voluminous and beautifully lengthened looking lashes.”  Let’s give it a whirl…

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Thinning on top? Get Blading!

This one’s for the dudes…

Is your hairline escaping from your forehead? Are you tired of people snickering at your ridiculous comb over? (seriously…you’re not fooling anyone) Then it’s time to finally get rid of your sparse wisps & embrace your baldness! (& it’s waaaaaay sexier than an insanely low side-part)

My hubs has been shaving his head since 2004 & although he’s tried every fuzz slicing product available he’s never been truly happy with his hairless melon until now…

Santa brought him a Head Blade Sport & triple blade razors

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Manucure française à la maison? Mais oui!

The clean & natural look of a french manicure in about 20 minutes for under 3€?

As it was a mere €2.25 I happily chucked the essence french manicure set into my shopping basket & after a couple of weeks finally managed to find a spare 20 minutes to try it out…

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a few of my favourite things

With snow, chestnuts-roasting-on-an-open-fire & sleigh bells just around the corner, I thought I’d mention a few of my fave products…use ‘em for looking (& smelling) gorgeous during the festive season or perhaps as some groovy stocking stuffer (or gift basket) ideas…

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