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I am thrilled to announce the launch of my latest endeavor:

With my fancy schmancy Refashion Nation I aim to provide an inspirational resource of links to upcycled DIY clothing & accessory tutorials + thrifty outfit ideas for those wanting fabulous, affordable, unique style without supporting the growing phenomenon of cheap, mass-produced “fast fashion”…

I would love for you to contribute and join me in my quest to encourage others to step away from low quality retail clothing & embrace the wonderful world of thrifting & DIY fashion…

If you’ve got a groovy refashion, a funky upcycled accessory tutorial or even an amazing thrifted outfit to share with my growing Refashion Nation then simply Click here to submit & be featured!

Support Refashion Nation & proudly display the button:

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bodacious basteldibix

As I’d been an admirer of the amazingly artistic Johanna of Basteldibix for some time I was absolutely ecstatic when she got in touch to do a swap & knew instantly what to request for the exchange…

a fabulous family portrait and…

an amazing logo for my new thrifty series!

Read on to see the entire quirky contents of the groovtastic package I received & what I created for Johanna in return…

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my marvelous monthly giveaways

That’s right my lovelies! Every month I’ll be giving away quirktastic Sheri-made gear!

…and just what do you need to do to be in with a chance to win?

Simply follow & connect with my blogfacebook page or twitter!

Each comment you share with me on any site is an entry…the more you interact, the higher your chance of receiving a bit of me-made awesome in the post!

Giveaways will begin on the first of every month, end on the last of every month & the winner for each month will be contacted & announced within the first week of the following month here

What are you waiting for? Go engage with a page!

G’day from the Crafty Travelling Box!

That’s right mates, pop another shrimp on the barby because the Crafty Travelling Box has arrived safely Down Under…hooray!

*now that’s a lurvly lady who knows how to pose!

Elegant Emily shall be taking the bits she desires, replacing them with some grooviness from her own stash and sending the Crafty Travelling Box on to the U.S…Ohio to be exact.

Here’s a quick reminder of the CTB’s route:

Berlin, Germany to…

West Australia  -  Ohio, USA  –   Barcelona, Spain  -  Massachusetts, USA  -  The Netherlands  -  Oklahoma, USA  -  Vienna, Austria  -  P.E.I, Canada

…and then finally back to yours truly in Berlin!

Keep those updates coming dearies!

A Celebrity Inspired Thrift Style Thursday…

’tis true my lovelies…I have joined the fabulously frugal foxes of Thrift Style Thursday!

…and just what does that mean?

Every Thursday I shall be posting a groovy thrifted/handmade ensemble to (hopefully) help my fellow blogger babes in their quest to inspire more people to realize that buying new is simply not necessary to achieve fabulous style…

This week’s outfit is inspired by the always amazingly arrayed Jessica Alba:

I was so enamoured by the funky plaid cowl neck shirt she’s wearing in the photo that I (re)created one for myself! *head over here for the tutorial 

Studded biker jacket (thrifted) €6  -  Cowl neck flannel shirt (thrifted & refashioned) €1  - Betsey Johnson Leggings (thrifted, new in the package!) €1  - Buckled Biker Boots (ebay) €4  -  Vintage Driving Gloves (inherited from Tante Uschi) €0

Total outfit cost: €12

I am seriously in love with my steal-of-a-deal boots!

Waddaya think of my first thriftastic outfit post?

“Thrifty Sheri” was created by the phenomenally awesome & insanely talented Johanna Schricker of Basteldibix…

Be sure to pop over and visit all of the fabulously frugal foxes of Thrift Style Thursday for loads of sensational styling inspiration:

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and take a peek at the Thrift Style Thursday Pinterest board too!

Spread Your Wings & Craft with us!


…a brand spankin’ new online maker community soon-to-be-loaded with inspiration, tutorials & fabulous features!

The clever brainchild of the always adorable Hannah Smith of Made with Hugs & Kisses, Spread Your Wings & Craft promises to be a fabulous collection of daily DIYs to get your creativity flowing!

Pop on over & meet my fellow artistic authors and help us fill Spread Your Wings & Craft with fabulous projects by submitting your own creations!

Be sure follow, share the facebook like-y love & check back often & enjoy our growing catalogue of tips, tricks & how-to’s!

Grab a cuppa & take an introductory scroll through our shiny new craftastic online community!

perfectly personalized

Any idea why I’m grinning like a fool?

…because my ultra fabulous personalized jewellery hand created by Silvia With Love has arrived!

I am completely thrilled with my order & firmly believe everyone should own Silvia created accessories, so head on over to her incredibly reasonably priced shop & get yourself a groovy gift!

*I’m thinking I need a “Refashionista” bracelet & one of her adorable button-bike necklaces…ooh…& maybe a robot brooch too! I just lurv everything she makes!

…and isn’t that bit o’ bamboo the cleverest ring packaging you’ve ever seen??

The Crafty Travelling Box is on the move!

Wheeee! The Crafty Travelling Box has begun its globe-trotting trek!

I filled it with as many lil’ bits of awesome from my stash that I could squeeze in & have sent it on its merry way…

The Crafty Travelling Box is journeying from Berlin, Germany to…

West Australia  -  Ohio, USA  -   Barcelona, Spain  -  Massachusetts, USA  -  The Netherlands  -  Oklahoma, USA  -  Vienna, Austria  -  P.E.I, Canada

…and then finally back to yours truly in Berlin!

I’ll be posting progress updates as I receive them so stay tuned!

Refashionista Grooves…

Ever wonder what this Refashionista grooves to while creating?

Pop on your headphones, crank up the volume & have a listen to the eclectic mix of tunes that get my maker blood pumpin’…

If a song doesn’t float your boat simply click the ‘next’ arrow to skip ahead…

*I’ll be adding to this playlist often so be sure to check back for new refashioning grooves…

all the tutes!

The Crafty Travelling Box

Calling all DIY gals & guys!

The first ever, international, Confessions of a Refashionista Crafty Travelling Box is ready for action!

…and just what is a “Crafty Travelling Box”?

Well, it’s a little box filled with crafty bits n’ bobs that travels from maker to maker…each quirky crafter selects items from the box & then replaces what they take with odds n’ ends from their own stash before sending the Crafty Travelling Box on its merry way.

Wanna join in?

Read on to find out how…

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