An Advent gift from me to you…

I’ve been working my little arsch off to get my Christmas-gifts-for-those-faraway completed & as I’m nearly ready to get everything posted off I thought I’d share one of the little bits of cleverness I came up with for the teenaged lassies on my list:

3 lurvly personalized pendant making kits…

all packaged up in funky vintage necktie wristlets!

O.K…but what about the advent gift in the title of this post? Right, here’s how to create your own individual pendant-making-kits including my fancy printable full-colour instructions – yay!

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The Rug Rat Backpack

What does every munchkin need to tote around their Christmas goodies?

A fancy schmancy personalized backpack of course!

Create one for the tot on your list with bits you’re guaranteed to already have in your stash:

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a glowing review from Coocheecoocheecoo!

Wheee! My book has received another sensazionale review!

The lovely & talented Lisa of Cucicucicoo (pronounced coocheecoocheecoo) has given my little book-baby an extremely detailed critique & even revealed what she (awesomely) created with the refashioning item(s) I included with her signed copy of the book! Check it out!

Ti ringrazio!

it doesn’t get any easier than this…

here’s how to make your own funky chunky bracelet in less than 2 minutes…

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simply extraordinario!

Squeee! My congrats-to-me-for-creating-my-very-own-book-all-by-myself gift has arrived from Spain and it is stunning!

This gorgeous necklace was created exactly to my specifications by Yolanda, the über talented artiste behind Al Margen Artesania. Each of her amazing pieces is painstakingly crafted by hand using teeny tiny bits of clay sculpted into shape with a very sharp needle. The detail & workmanship is truly awe-inspiring! If you’re on the hunt for a totally unique piece of jewellery I highly recommend Al Margen Artesania – beautiful, personalized items that won’t break the bank combined with fantastic, friendly service…Muchisimas gracias!

the (worry-eating) monster in a tin

Remember when you were a young ‘un & teeny tiny sized toys were simply the best things ever invented? This year as my list of special gifts to make contains the most adorable 6 year old girlie in the universe I decided to take something I loved when I was a wee lass & mix it with a snippet of my dippy imagination (+ a few scrappy bits n’ bobs) and create a dainty lil’ extra to add to her package of crafty Christmas goodies:

I’d already gotten her a Guatemalan worry doll (I told all of my troubles to mine when I was a tyke) but couldn’t wrap it up until I added my own special enhancements

Here’s how to create your own (worry-eating) monster in a tin for the groovy youngster (or oldster) in your life:

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a deconstructed reconstruction

A bit of patience & a steady hand are all that are needed to transform gaudy to groovy:

Wanna see what this bit awesomeness started out as?

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