Caged Stones…

Create these quirky necklaces with a few pulchritudinous parking lot pebbles & bits you’re sure to have lurking about the house!

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Der Wuhletal-Wanderweg

The Wuhletal-Wanderweg (walking trail) is over 15kms of re-naturized pathways in East Berlin. Starting from S-Bahnhof Ahrensfelde and ending at S-Bahnhof Köpenick the Wuhletal-Wanderweg welcomes walkers, joggers, cyclists & is also dog-friendly! Here’s a quick peek at the small section we frequent:

Our wander usually begins at Hämmerlingstraße…

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Bard Breeches

How dost thee mend the breeches of the fruit of thine womb whence they canst be worn no more? With mine cunning wit thou may createst new from old. Tarry naught! I bequeath thee mine idea:

Don’t these adorable trousers bring to mind the breeches of the Elizabethan Era? Hence the Shakespearean English above…here’s how to make your own forthwith!

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Sad no more!

My husband spied this lurvly solid wood bench in a second hand shop window…

He immediately pulled over for a closer look & discovered 4 things: it was once the end part of a bigger piece (there were large screw holes on 1 side), it was greasy to the touch, the carving on the back appeared to be sad  & they wanted €40(!) for it. Clever hubby pointed out the obvious flaws & brought it home for €10. Fortunately I figured out how to deal with the oily wood & the tearful face + found a use (& place) for it in our ever-shrinking flat:

Our kidlet now has a spiffy new bench squeezed into the very last remaining nook in her tiny room.

What was my solution for the grody greasy wood?

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a little park for little monkeys

Much to our chagrin (& terror), our munchkin has developed into a fearless daredevil and has even begun building her own climbing-towers out of anything her little arms can lift - how do toddlers manage to make (& climb) such heart attack inducing creations in the 3 seconds your back is turned?? Thankfully we discovered a local park tailor made for our little monkey:

Maria Jankowski Park is chock full of climbing-kidlet fun!

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a dotty decolourization

As we’re now definitely into chilly, rainy fall I’ve been digging through the box of bought-at-the-end-of-last-winter-super-sales-to-hopefully-fit-this-year munchkin gear & am discovering more than a few fantastic deals that I’d forgotten about. Unfortunately, it’s becoming all too clear that the better the deal = the blander the item…fortunately my noggin is brimming with ideas:

Humdrum trousers become playful pants with a bit of bleach & 20 minutes!

Here’s how:

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make a (lil’) splash

The weather is cooling off and that means it’s time to seek out warm & toasty indoor activities for the munchkin to enjoy. One of our favourites? Babyschwimmen in der Kleine Schwimmhalle Wuhlheide (‘babyswimming in the Wuhlheide forest‘s little swimming pool’)

Don’t let the name fool you – the pool(s) may be small but what they lack in size is more than made up for by the friendly, informative staff and delightful water toys/games provided for the kidlets…

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