Thriftilicious Man Makes

After 5 years of loyal service the dude’s laptop has gone to the Great Gig(abyte) in the Sky…and just what does that have to do with thrifty man makes? Well, as the guy cannot function without a computer – and he’s not allowed anywhere near mine – the money set aside for his mini-holiday-birthday-extravaganza went straight into a fancy-schmancy-new-computer. I was commanded not to spend any money on b-day gifts – he claimed his froufrou new laptop was more than enough  – but come on…everyone needs prezzies to open their birthday! So, I sneakily created these beauties without spending a penny:


8 completely free yet totally awesome gifts that actually brought a wee tear to his eye!

onto the how-to’s:

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Sunday Waffles

See that cutie-patootie up there? That’s the dude, eons ago, on his first day of school.

In Germany it’s traditional to give the kiddos a Zuckertüte – sugarbag (nowadays called a Schultüte – schoolbag) on the first day of school. It’s simply a colourful cardboard cone filled with sweets, trinkets and neat back to school supplies. Another popular German tradition? (at least in our house)

Sunday waffles – made by daddy
Here’s the scrumptious recipe passed down from Oma:

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(itsy) Bitsy Books… diy mini book pendants

Our local charity shop has a take-it-or-it-goes-in-the-rubbish box just inside the front door. I usually avoid digging through it because if the charity shop thinks something belongs in the bin, it probably does. However, on my last thrifting expedition I literally tripped over this beauty dangling over the edge of the box – most likely attempting an escape before it got dumped in the trash:

a groovy patchwork leather purse…just what I had been looking for to mate with the leftovers from my secret book safe to create…

…fanfreakingtastic mini book pendants!

Here’s how to make your own with stuff you already have in the house:

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The Patchwork Rainy Day Cap

We’ve been having one of the grossest summers ever…

…this has been our daily view at noon.

30°C + thunder storms = hot, humid, muggy ew = frizzy, huge hair for me – blech

the only solution to tame my unruly locks?

jam a hat on & hope for the best

here’s how to cute-up your own frizz-cover in 10 minutes flat

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I lived on a tiny island in Greece for 4 years…this was my backyard

Omorfi! In addition to my phenomenal view I also had an amazing adopted Yaya (grandma) who was constantly stuffing me full of delicious Greek delicacies. I’d join her in the kitchen, when she’d allow it, in an attempt to learn some of her culinary secrets…

and so without further ado, here’s my teensy-bit-lower-fat version of Yaya’s Moussaka

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necktie nonsense

Remember those necktie wristlets I made? Well…they’re so quick & easy that creating them became a bit addicting…

I think there’s a more than a few gals I know who’ll be receiving a wristlet or 2…

…but what to do with all of the leftover bits & pieces?

cute-up some plain shirts…

stitch ’em together & make a groovilicious bag!

Here’s how to scrap-bust those neckties…

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family jewels – DIY wire wrapped pendants

I love the look of wire wrapped pendants but the prices for these bead-y baubles had me wondering if I might be able to create my own.

Success? I think so. Cheap? Oh, most definitely. Easy? As pie my lovelies!

Here’s how to make your own personalized family pea pods & egg-y nests:

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Sommer in der Stadt

It’s (hot, muggy, stormy & humid) summer in the big city and thus my interweb-rummaging has turned up a of couple oh-so-cool-beat-the-heat projects:

The always stunning Katja from of Dreams & Seams shares her absolutely brilliant (& very appropriately titled) Summer in the City dress – complete with pattern & detailed how-to! Gorgeous! I spy a flowy vintage table cloth in my stash that will soon be transformed!

What does a delightful new dress need? A pair of splendid new-to-you shoes! Alluring Lana of the stylish blog Lana Red has an easy peasy method to spice up a pair of thrifted shoes. Love it!

Purposeful Patchwork – a DIY print cover-up

Mass produced prints are one of my biggest pet peeves. Slapping on a zero-imagination print (or worse…a logo) is sure fire way to ruin even the most  froufroushishi garment, amiright? Unfortunately munchkin-gear manufacturers  seem to be the worst offenders. Fear not, your little one need not be a walking billboard! I’ve added to my arsenal of covert cover-ups & creative camouflage….behold:

Purposeful Patchwork - a DIY print cover-up

Now you see it…now you don’t! Adorable patchwork with a purpose! Here’s the 20 minute scrap-busting solution:

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