Adorable DIY Baby Gear (Ikea) Hack Attacks!

With 4 (yes four!) Ikeas in Berlin we can’t help but poke through the As-is section(s) on a regular basis and pick-up a bargain or three. *even if the As-is turns up nothing we always manage to find a deal in another area, especially since discovering the awesomeness that is Ikea Hackers – that wondrous collection of creativity inspired us to hack these beauties:

 The DIY Baby Gear projects are all available for instant download along with 16 more delightful step-by-step tutorials in my CoaR: Ikea Hack Attack:

We all know that Ikea is a haven of reasonably priced funky furnishings & home decor but were you also aware just how easy it is to transform those superb Swedish items into groovtastic new gear?

Ikea Hack Attack shows you how to recreate everything from outgrown baby furniture, boring beds & kitchen bits to well-worn lamps + loads more into snazzy, unique decor & accessories!

 19 step-by-step tutorials to get your hack on!

The Ikea Hack Attack projects Include:

6 Delightful Decor DIYs

5 Fab Furniture Hacks

5 Kooky Kidlet Creations

2 Lovely Lamp Re-do’s

+ an awesome upcycled accessory


all the tutes!

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