baby weight be gone: the reviews

I’ve been on my bottomtighteningquest for a tiring yet toning 4 months and I’m over the moon to report that I can now comfortably fit into my pre-preggie jeans!

and I’m only 1 belt hole away from having my flat tummy back!

I thought I’d share my thoughts about each of the work-out dvds I’ve been using to lose my flab & tighten my tushy…

All from Davina McCall (& her trainers Jackie & Mark Wren) these four dvds are whipping me back into shape. Here’s the why’s & how’s:

Pre & Post Natal Workouts

I bought this when I was 6 months pregnant & managed to try the pregnancy workout a few times before third trimester exhaustion got the better of me. The workout is gentle & may seem easy if you try it at the start of your pregnancy but once you have some extra weight, a collection of insane hormones & a rapidly growing belly passenger you’ll be huffin’ & puffin’ along with Davina – if we have another munchkin I’ll definitely be using this workout for as long as my expanding body (& doctor) will allow. I’m sure it will make the return-to-pre-preg-body a wee bit easier.

I began the post-pregnancy workout rather late, my girlie was 9 months old before I got my arsch in gear! As it’s meant to be used 2 – 3 months post-birth it consists of fairly gentle exercises. I worked out with this everyday for the first week before switching to a tougher regime. It was a great re-introduction to exercise for my saggy muscles.

Power of 3

This workout is interval training based, keeping your heart rate up with 1 minute bursts of cardio between each toning section (upper body, tushy & thighs and the dreaded abs). Davina and Jackie are fantastic motivators &  have great yet ‘normal’ figures which also helps to keep me going through those inevitable last 3 reps…if they can do it, so can I! *You will hurt after the first time but keep doing it…just like something else we all enjoy…it gets easier (& oh-so-much better) the more you do it!

My Three 30 Minute Workouts

I absolutely freakin’ love this dvd! For the mommy of a teararoundthehousegettingintomischief one year old, the three 30 minute workouts are an absolute dream. I know, I know…half an hour doesn’t seem like enough time to sweat the flab off…I thought the same, until I started doing ‘em…I literally drip pour glisten with sweat! The dvd has 3 complete workouts each including a warm-up & cool down: Cardio Box (high kicking, air punching, aggression-losing fun), Pump (really gets you movin’ & groovin’) & Core Stability (I never knew how unbalanced I was! My posture has improved too!)

Body Buff

I recently purchased this body pummeling treasure as I wanted even more variety in my babyweightbegone crusade. Meine Güte! My muscles hated me (and I them) for a full week! This workout really makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something! This smashing dvd includes: Buff Warm up (do this before any part of the workout!), Two 30 minute whole body workouts that can be used on their own or with one of the area specific routines: Buff Cardio (crazy high energy fat burning aerobics + 5  ab crunching minutes), Buff Boxing (more high kicking, air punching, aggression-losing fun + abs) and the target area workouts: Buff Legs & Core (buns & thighs on fire!), Buff Arms (awesome with my fancy new weights!), Buff Abs (my waist has nearly returned!) and last but not least Buff Stretch (awesomely relaxing after working the bod’ so hard!)

I absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend Davina’s workouts and look forward to scoring the latest: Ultimate Target!

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