Kreativ Blogger Award? for moi? Danke Schoen!

It’s true my lovelies! The fantabulous Stacy of the absolutely wonderful Re-Creations Project has bestowed lowly me with a Kreative Blogger Award! Seriously… I am not worthy of this groovy chicka’s blog love…she created a sustainable social enterprise for people with learning disabilities that enables them to do meaningful creative work as well as helping the environment in the process! Now that deserves an award…so for all the great work she does and for passing the Kreativ Blogger Award onto me, this Wayne’s for you babycakes:

As an extra special thank-you I’m going to create a couple of Re-Creations Project T-shirts for Stacy & her fearless sidekick Jacqui (just one of the perks of being the head honcho of Mensch T’s)

You may be asking yourself, how does the Kreativ Blogger Award work? Well, apparently I must thank the person who nominated me and link back to their blog (done), tell you 7 things about myself that you may not already know (keep reading) and pass the award on to 7 bloggers that I think are pure awesomesauce (see the bottom of this post)

7 frivolous facts about yours truly:

1. I failed (the ridiculously mandatory) Home Ec class (sewing & cooking) in high school because the teacher said I had too much imagination…I aced (the once again mandatory) Shop class (wood working & such) because the teacher said I had a fantastic imagination!

2. I speak the language of every country I’ve lived in – but German is slowly nudging them all out of my brain.

3. In days gone by I was a world travelling model  – oh to see that lurvly lass in the mirror again!

4.  I think my feet are pretty awesome – even if I did break the baby toe on each foot numerous times…

5. I had short hair that changed colour at least once a month until my late 20’s when I finally had the patience to leave it alone & grow it out into the insanely thick mane I have today.

6. Once upon a time I was a struggling actress – had some big parts in small productions, small parts in big productions & even got animated in a video game but alas it was not to be…

7. During my starving actress phase I taught English to (adult) foreigners to help pay the rent.  One of my students was a shy German dude with floppy hair. We kept in touch after he returned home. After a mere 10 years (!) of cards, e-mails & the occasional phone call he finally admitted to carrying a torch for me since the first day he walked into my classroom…as my own flame had been burnin’ I hopped on a plane and it only took another 2 years to get married…mein Mann is the king of procrastination! *check-out our stories of how (not) to get married in Germany & the fun of being knocked up in Germany!

Alrighty let’s share some love & pass the Kreativ Blogger Award onto some of my fave writers:

(in no particular order)

Charity Shop Chic – I have a huge girl crush on this incredibly talented chick!

Hot Ink - anyone who has ever read my blog already knows I am in love with every one of these groovilicious gals!

A Beautiful Mess – words cannot express the greatness of these amazing sisters

Sown Brooklyn – Another massive girl crush! Brains, beauty, talent, sarcasm! Who could ask for anything more?! aaaand she’s mama to 4!

Rookie Moms – These two gals are such a momspiration to this fellow geek mommy!

Chic envelopments – This gorgeous grandma is a true refashionista!

creadienstagcreate Tuesday – curated by Mizoal this funky collective ‘meets’ every Tuesday to share projects & how-to’s

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