a veritable virtuoso! DIY munchkin art

more definitive proof that my kiddo is made up of mostly my dna:

Here’s how your little Einstein can make one too:

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Adorable DIY Baby Gear (Ikea) Hack Attacks!

With 4 (yes four!) Ikeas in Berlin we can’t help but poke through the As-is section(s) on a regular basis and pick-up a bargain or three. *even if the As-is turns up nothing we always manage to find a deal in another area, especially since discovering the awesomeness that is Ikea Hackers – that wondrous collection of creativity inspired us to hack these beauties:

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Get your upcycling on!

Here’s a couple fabulicious trash to treasure tutes I discovered while out foraging the interwebs:

First up an adorkable neck-tie wristlet from Pillows-a-la-Mode – how awesomely hipstery cool is that?! Made from Grandpa’s funky vintage tie? Love it to bits!

Ultimate Upcycling Divas Stacy & Jacqui from Re-Creations Project created this wicked lantern using…well…garbage actually. Why not rummage through your bin & make your own?

The Jolly (DIY) Jumpsuit

Create your own Salute to the King with mommy’s outgrown (sniff, sob, fracking babyweight) button-up dress & a couple snips & stitches – your munchkin will be rockin’ & rollin’ in under 30 minutes!

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2 Tutes for the price of one – Upcycled Canvas Art

Yes that’s right folks! I’m offering 2 groovy tutorials for the price of one! Which basically means that I created something then realized there was an easier way to make it so I ended up with 2 different sets of how-to pix. Not wanting to waste anything (even bloomin’ digital pix) I’ve decided to post both methods of how I made my own canvas frames & art – and I use that term very loosely.

What is the price you must pay for this fantastic 2 for 1 offer?

Subjecting your eyes to my family portrait painting:

No art classes? Really? How shocking – read with heavy sarcasm

and then there’s this beauty:

Know what it started life as?

Here’s how to create your own living room canvas art:

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Suicide Blonde…again…DIY Blonding at Home

Raise your hand if you’re a suicide blonde…or redhead…or brunette…or any other notfoundnaturallyonyourhead colour. For over 20 years since the 80’s longer than video tapes have been extinct an undisclosed amount of time my hair colour has changed at least 3 times a year – usually from blonde to red to auburn and eventually back to blonde.

Anyone who has ever attempted to go from dyed dark hair to bombshell blonde has experienced the dreaded orange *with yellow accents* clown hair.  I have had RonaldMcDonaldHead more times than I care to admit but a few years ago I came up with a plan that takes my dark hair to honey blonde without suffering with elastic ends or straw dryness!

And so I present my hair journey for the past 2 days:

With a few products & a bit of patience you too can be a gorgeous suicide blonde in a mere 48 hours!

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nifty thrifty bijou: a diy jewellery hanger

Even though I have treasure chests full of cool adornments I always forget to accessorize, out of sight really does mean out of mind when it comes to dressing with a toddler in tow. I needed a in-sight-in-mind place to keep my bijou baubles & bangles at the ready but out of reach from tiny grasping fingers:

Success! I guarantee you can make your own in mere minutes with bits skulking about the house!

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the mini memento buffet – an upcycled spice rack diy

We’ve been slowly but surely re-decorating our bedroom…slowly because we must stalk the classifieds searching for the best deals to pop up and then strike immediately before someone else gets that 1950’s vanity table for €20…and surely because we always seize our prey – and sometimes get a bonus for free!

Can you guess what this adorable lil’ memory shelf was before I got my paws on it?

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Flippin’ for my Flops!

The beauties on the left started out as a 99 cent pair of flip-flops…and the funkadelic flippies on the right began life as a pair of –coughsputterchoke– €40 fitflops *my tush isn’t any tighter from wearing ’em but damn are they comfortable!

Onto the transformations…

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The 5 minute sunny strap

Summer has arrived bringing with it blisteringly hot sun! In addition to spf 50 sunscreen the little munchkin is also sporting a selection of cool shades…which she removes &  dramatically tosses to the ground when she tires of wearing them…such a diva! Here’s a lickitysplitquick solution for sunny-tossing-divas of any age:

You can make this groovy sunglass strap right now, in under 5 minutes, with stuff you already have around the house…so let’s get started:

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