The doesn’thavetobepretty shopping cart cover

Now that our hosenpuper is big (and balanced) enough to glide through the supermarket in a cart I decided that a germ covering barrier was needed.

The criteria: it had to fit most carts, be compact enough to stuff into my handbag & easily creatable in under an hour – unfortunately nap time is short in our house

A search with Mr. Internet turned up a gorgeous (yet somewhat complicated) pattern & tut’ from lil blue boo and an insanely easy no-sew (yet too huge for a handbag) version from Rookie Moms. During a head-clearing hot shower (where most of my brainstorms occur) I decided to take the best bits from each idea & combine ’em into an easy-to-create-in-under-an-hour-small-enough-to-fit-into-a-handbag cover:

It might not be my prettiest creation but it gets the job done! Here’s how to make one for your own lil’ munchkin:

Sift through your stash and find a couple large pieces of cotton & fleece (I used the remains of 2 oversized scarves) + some elastic

cut each piece to approx. 80cm x 80cm

stitch right sides together leaving a corner open for turning

turn right side out, sew the open corner closed &  doodle stitch all over for a quilted effect

lay flat, measure & mark a square leg hole (conveniently all measurements worked out to be 20cms)

using a tight zigzag, stitch around your square

cut out the inside of your stitched square

fold your fabric in half, use the first square as a template & mark, stitch & cut the second leg hole

almost done…

create an elastic casing: either simply fold over the edge of your fabric or follow what my bizarre subconscious instructed me to do & stitch a long length of fabric all around the edge…need more sleep…

feed your elastic (about 115cms) through the casing…

once through, sew the ends together…

stitch the casing closed…

have a giggle at your creation of what appears to be ginormous underpants!

a surprisingly perfect fit!

*for some extra fanciness you can easily stitch a pocket or toy leash to the front of the cover…

all the tutes!

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