Oh-So-Sad to Stylishly Swingin’ a vintage table make-over

Yipee! Our Kleinanzeigen-stalking paid off again!

We scored a fabulous 1960’s dinette set for a mere €10!

Boo! The chair fabric was itchy carpeting & had a definite vintage-reek to it…and the table top had seen it’s fair share of coasterless glasses & gouge-y cutlery…

…with a bit of creativity, funky fabric & chalkboard paint we gave it a groovy new life!

The chairs were a bit of a challenge as we not only had to remove the seats but these beauties also had double-sided upholstered backs! With baited breath we pried off the sides as carefully as possible to take out the chair backs & then freakishly easily removed the seats…

We then ripped off the rank old fabric, gave the existing upholstery foam a thorough cleaning & de-stinking, re-covered it all with our awesome new fabric & put the chairs back together…


Next up: the lovely legged but grotty-topped table

The dude sanded the crap out of it & then I gave it 4 coats of chalkboard paint…

The chalkboard table top is wicked fun!

I am totally smitten with our new chairs!

Pretty groovy eh?

all the tutes!

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0 thoughts on “Oh-So-Sad to Stylishly Swingin’ a vintage table make-over

  1. get out, that is so frickin’ awesome! i love those chairs! you manage to snag the best second-hand finds ever! just a curiosity, does the chalkboard paint get stained if oily foods fall on it?

    • we’ve never had stain-y problems with any of our chalkboard paint covered furnishings (& we’ve done a lot of ’em!) however, I have found that a surface absolutely must be sanded before painting otherwise the chalkboard paint scratches off with the first scribble of chalk…

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