Combat Car Seat Chaos with DIY seat storage

Finally having a car is awesome but between the dude needing everything “in case of emergency” & the baby needing…well just everything…period, the back seat was a tad chaotic…until I made these in less than hour:

here’s how:

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German wheels? yes please!

After years of complaining about stinky, packed trains, rental car prices & having taxi companies rob us blind we finally decided it was time to invest in a car of our own…a frustrating adventure that finally ended with the purchase of this bit of fabulicious family functionality:

Here’s the least painless way to get your own…

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Table Top Saviour – fix that vintage table for cheap!

The dude and I love old wooden furniture and thus are professional Kleinanzeigen-lurkers. We’ve scored some amazing deals: my ginormous 1950’s wardrobe & matching vanity (€80), the gorgeous rocking chair in the munchkin’s room (€8), his massive oak chiffonier (€40) & even our rustic-chic-built-in kitchen (€100) were all discovered in online classifieds. Our greatest find so far was our 1940’s dining room set for €15! When we went to pick it up they gave us this beauty for free!

…only one little problem…the top looked like this:

As we didn’t want to pay the €300(!) to have it refinished I came up with a (free) ‘temporary’ solution that looks fab, is washable and just may prove to be permanent in the long run!

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The Krimskrams Korb – a diy upcycled placemat basket

…and just what is a Krimskrams Korb?

Why, it’s the place to store your *Krims & Krams of course! *Bits n’ Bobs in German

Here’s how to make your own with objects that are lurking about the house:

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The Perfect DIY Pot Pegboard Storage

Hooray! We finally figured out a funky (& useful) way to fill the weird empty space above our stove.

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Your new favourite cookies!

After years of careful study I’ve come to the very scientific conclusion that peanut butter cookies can help fight everything from moodiness & cramps to grumpiness & colds.

Make your own in minutes with only 4 ingredients!

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