grody to groovy in 24 hours – a decoupaged furniture DIY

This stained, chipped & just plain grotty commode was the first piece of furniture the dude bought –used…for a scant 5 Deutschmarks– when he flew the family nest 20 years ago…

It’s lived in university dorms, living rooms, kitchens & cellars and has housed everything from undies to pot…I discovered it cowering under our Xmas decoration boxes in the storage room, felt sorry for the poor thing, hauled it upstairs (to the “wtf’s?” of the dude) & decided to give it a face lift.

here’s what I did:

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The last last minute gift – instant DIY sweater Bracelets

As Heiligabend (Christmas eve) is the big-gift-giving-stuff-your-face day in Germany my last minute gift making time has been shortened by a full 24 hours! eek! Enter the last lastseriouslyabsolutelast minute handmaderecycledrefashioned gift:

Cuffs & bracelets in 10 minutes or less!

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Licketysplit Gluten and Lactose Free Gingerbread

Christmastime can be evil when you’re a kid & desperate for something you can’t have. For me it was always gingerbread. Gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses, gingerbread men. I needed them but my mom refused to make the dough required to build these sweetly spicy treats. I swore that when I grew up I would have homemade gingerbread every Christmas!

Know why my mom never made gingerbread?

Because it’s a complicated & time consuming pain in the arsch! Luckily my find-the-easy-way-out brain discovered a quick & tortureless ingredient combination that creates delicious cookies:

and even groovy houses:

here’s how:

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Not the army anymore!

As a young German dude mein Mann had to do a compulsory year in the army. He kept EVERYTHING! Seriously, in our basement we have  boxes full of stuff like this:

Yay! Army rations from nearly 20 years ago! Edible? no Useful? no …but we can’t chuck ’em out because they’re a “part of his history”…erm…historical hermetically sealed food…an heirloom our daughter will treasure for sure!

Whilst wading through yet another box of priceless army memories I stumbled across some rather interesting items…3 of which I transformed into this:

Can ya guess what this awesome skirt once was?

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Gluten and Lactose free German Christmas Cookies

The-final-countdown-to-Weihnachten is in full swing in our house…that means that once-yellow-pajama’ed dude is eating cookies faster than I can make ’em!

Here’s another favourite of his:

…made with a secret German ingredient: Waldmeister Goetterspeise

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The Opulent Baby Outfit

Our little elf has been invited to a lot of Christmas parties…although we’re allowed to tag along as well, she’s definitely the one people really want to see. Like all fashion icons, she must never wear the same outfit twice. Therefore, as her personal designer (& dresser) I must continually create new & luxurious styles for her to wear to each exciting event. Here’s the latest:

A lovely velvet & lace creation…

here’s how to make it – in about an hour…for free!

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Traditional German Baked Apples for Christmas

Ahhh…Weihnachten! The dude has his own fondly remembered childhood Christmas sweets. Once he was old enough he had the honour of lighting the Adventskranz every Sunday, then onto “helping” Oma make the Bratapfeln (baked apples).

Here’s how it’s done:

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The Sliced Trio

Need some quick last minute gifts? I have three awesome variations of a slashed scarf that will work for gals, guys & even your groovy granny! The best part(s)? They take just minutes to make, are totally no sew (if you can use scissors, you can make ’em!) and as all of the ingredients are readily available in your home, they are absolutely free!

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