The Victorian Bolero (& cowl tute!)

victorian bolero

Victorian? Not so much, but with the high collar and bell sleeves it reminds me of lovely romantic fashions like these and these and these

Sift through your stash and create your own!

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Wrap it up…for free!

I’m a packaging saver…envelopes, tissue paper, bubble wrap…you name it…I have a neatly packed bag full of it!

Why recycle when you can upcycle…right?

This year I decided to raid (some of) my packaging stash:

and create my own super simple gift wrap…

Here’s how it’s done:

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The Punkadelic Pipeline Technique

So the other day, while watching American Horror Story & mindlessly tugging on a sweatshirt scrap, I happened to glance down at my stretched out handiwork, was struck by inspiration, paused the show, raced to my machine & created this:

Here’s what I did:

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Bodacious Upcycled DIY Bows

Aaaaa gift wrapping – a chore I hate to love. I think the perfect gift should be accessorized but as buying bows and ribbons isn’t the most sustainable way to prettify a present I like to create my own:

The 5 minute (absolutely free!) gift topper!

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Hugs for Grandma: a personalized diy gift

My mother, missing her grandbaby’s hugs & sloppy kisses, is journeying halfway across the planet to visit us. As her birthday is in December & we won’t be trekking across the world to join them for Christmas, we’re planning on having a couple of pre-celebrations while she’s here. I’ve managed to create some pretty awesome gifts for her to take home, but the most fantastic of all is this:

A soft & squeezy grandbaby hug she can take wherever she goes!

Here’s the crazy simple how-to:

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