Turkey Bacon Saddlebags

Having spent most of my childhood on the farm (not true) I know a bit about cooking up a feast for hungry cowboys (also not true). Here’s a hearty meal I like to call Turkey Bacon Saddlebags – it’ll fill the belly of any hardworking, tummy-rumbling cowboy just home from the dusty trail…

Get some: Turkey, Bacon, Peppers, Cheese (Broccoli is optional) – set aside for now

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Monster Camouflage

Here’s another groovy trick to cover up those pesky prints on kid’s clothes…

This funky technique works on just about anything!

I like Barbapapa & enjoyed his hilarious antics when I was just a wee lass but it’s now 30-something years on & I don’t think my daughter needs to be a crawling advertisement for a retro TV show. Seriously…the print is almost as big as the romper itself! I’ll soon fix that… Continue reading

A Scrumptious Midnight Snack

I blame my mother for my chocolate addiction, according to my baby book I had my first delectable bar of chocky at 5 months old…I never had a chance…Now that I have a 5 month old of my own (who will NOT be tasting chocolate for a looooong time!) I’ve been attempting to invent some healthier alternatives to scarfing down a 150g bar of chocolate in under a minute (or, in my hubby’s case an ENTIRE jar of Nutella!) As our little gal likes to rock n’ roll all night most of my sweet creations are made in the wee morning hours before falling into bed….and so I present last night’s midnight feast:

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