Turkey Bacon Saddlebags

Having spent most of my childhood on the farm (not true) I know a bit about cooking up a feast for hungry cowboys (also not true). Here’s a hearty meal I like to call Turkey Bacon Saddlebags – it’ll fill the belly of any hardworking, tummy-rumbling cowboy just home from the dusty trail…

Get some: Turkey, Bacon, Peppers, Cheese (Broccoli is optional) – set aside for now

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Monster Camouflage

Here’s another groovy trick to cover up those pesky prints on kid’s clothes…

This funky technique works on just about anything!

I like Barbapapa & enjoyed his hilarious antics when I was just a wee lass but it’s now 30-something years on & I don’t think my daughter needs to be a crawling advertisement for a retro TV show. Seriously…the print is almost as big as the romper itself! I’ll soon fix that… Continue reading

The Bewitched Bedsheet Tunic

Why is this bewitched?

Because it took a little magic to create!

…meh…not my best witticism but it’ll do…

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A Scrumptious Midnight Snack

I blame my mother for my chocolate addiction, according to my baby book I had my first delectable bar of chocky at 5 months old…I never had a chance…Now that I have a 5 month old of my own (who will NOT be tasting chocolate for a looooong time!) I’ve been attempting to invent some healthier alternatives to scarfing down a 150g bar of chocolate in under a minute (or, in the dude’s case an ENTIRE jar of Nutella!) As our little gal likes to rock n’ roll all night most of my sweet creations are made in the wee morning hours before falling into bed….and so I present last night’s midnight feast:

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The Covert Flower

I love a bargain…but why do all the best deals have a catch? My hubby bought an adorable little dress for our little Schnükelputzel on super sale for only €1.00! A steal, but it has this printed on the front:

Why do manufacturers have to print ridiculous crap on baby (& kid) clothes? Does anyone actually like these random (horribley clipart-y) designs?! Here’s a cute (& easy) method for covering them up:

An adorable little ruffled flower (or more for bigger cover-ups) makes a €1 dress priceless!

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The DIY Upcycled Secret Book Safe

Yay! My wonderful Anne of Green Gables book arrived from England!

Boo! This is what it looked like when opened:

I contacted the seller & they sent me a shiny new copy lickety split!

Hmmm…what to do with the damaged book? Instead of chucking it in the recycle bin I decided to make a nifty little vault for my little one to hide her (future) treasures.

Here’s how to create your own:

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The Rose Petal Top

There’s a lot of  floofy fluttering going on at the necklines of tops these days and as cute as they look in the store I know once they’re on my…erm…generous chest the romantic flowy flowers will turn into a bulging overgrown forest. What’s a well-endowed gal to do?

Make my own version of course, just as cute but without so much flutter!

Pretty awesome, eh?

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the joys of motherhood…

Finding a Home in (Berlin) Germany

So, you’ve found love, a new job or for some strange reason think this dirty, unfriendly, xenophobic city is just fantastisch. Whatever the reason, you’ve moved to Berlin & now need a place to call home. Since relocating here in 2008 I have moved twice, once to a bigger apartment & the second time to escape a threatening asshat neighbour.

Update: I’ve now moved for a third (& hopefully last) time!

Finding a property is quite easy however finding the right property, at the right price & location is quite challenging.

Here’s a few good sites to start with:

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Big Bro’s Fast Feast

My big brother taught me a lot over the years – ‘snakebites’ – ouchie!, how to save a fart in a can, The Beezer – his hangover cure: 1/2 beer, 1/2 tomato juice & a shot of vodka and so much more – but believe it or not the most useful items of Big Brother wisdom have come in recipe form. Here’s a ridiculously quick meal for those nights when you haven’t eaten since noon, the baby won’t go to sleep until midnight  & it’s 35 degrees (celsius) with all of the windows open…. Continue reading