Oma’s Wuerstchen & Kartoffelsalat

Although my husband’s Oma came from a wealthy family with an onstaff cook & had only one child herself (his mom), she still had her own special recipes in kitchen. Oma passed these culinary traditions down to my mother-in-law who in turn gave them to her only child…my husband…and so I present to you Oma’s Wuerstchen & Kartoffelsalat (Sausages & Potato Salad): Continue reading

Simply Delicious Carrot Cake

Summertime on the farm meant a lot of hard, dirty work but Grandma always managed to steal some extra time to make birthdays & other occasions special with her unique Garden Parties. With her own flock of kids joined by school mates, cousins & other youngsters from the area frolicking in the garden, Grandma would be busy in the kitchen whipping up a feast of treats! Here’s a quick & easy garden party favourite that’s yummy for Moms & Dads too (especially on rainy days)! Continue reading

The Toy Nanny

Here’s a super simple idea to keep your little one’s toys from escaping!

The Toy Nanny keeps toys safe & clean. Attach one end to the car seat, stroller, baby carrier, shopping cart or high chair, and the other end to the toy, that’s it! Easy! It’s great for sippy cups & pacifiers too! Here’s how to make one:

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How to (not) get married in Germany

Speaking from experience, (as a non-EU citizen) trying to get married to a German in Germany is as impossible as it is frustrating. The mountains of completely unnecessary paperwork; running from this office to that office; getting all of the certified documents within a specific time frame; trying to get a Ledigkeitsbescheinigung - a certified letter  from a government office in your home country confirming  your single status – something that the German authorities insist on having BUT does not actually exist outside of Germany, (the Canadian embassy now offers a “Certificate in lieu of non-impediment to marriage certificate for German registrar” for a fee) the list is as confusing as it is endless. This video made by the talented &  clever Andrew Bossum (aka rewboss) illustrates all of the insanity perfectly (although rewboss is an EU citizen & had to jump through a few less hoops than those of us without EU passports)

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One shade whiter in just 1 week?

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for teeth cleaning products but hey, who doesn’t want a fantastic smile? I’ve always prided myself on my naturally straight healthy teeth (inherited from Grandma – at 83 she still has her full set!) and lovely smile. From my experience, Europeans aren’t as concerned about having a Hollywood smile & the toothpaste selection is sorely lacking so when I heard about a groovy new toothpaste available here I toodled out and bought a tube.

Colgate Max White One promises 1 toothshade whiter in 1 week. I put it to the test for 2 weeks, brushing 3 times/day for 2+ minutes each time. Here’s the results:

Before                                         After

Other than my lipstick colour & smile-type, I honestly don’t see any difference between these photos. unfortunately I would have to give a thumbs down to the whitening power of Colgate Max White One however when comparing it to other toothpaste on the market here I give it positive marks for “that clean feeling” & at €2.85 per tube it’s not cheap but also not unreasonable. (hygiene products in Germany are super cheap – normal toothpaste ranges from €0.49 – €1.29 – makes you wonder why there are so many stinky people on the train…)

Kleines Süßes Kleidchen (Lil’ Sweet dress)

Our little darling has a long torso & outgrows onesies at an alarming rate. They still fit easily over her head but are too short to snap closed at the bottom. I came up with a sweet n’ simple solution:

Here’s how to make your own:

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