Oma’s Wuerstchen & Kartoffelsalat

Although my the dude’s Oma came from a wealthy family with an onstaff cook & had only one child herself (his mom), she still had her own special recipes in kitchen. Oma passed these German culinary traditions down to my mother-in-law who in turn gave them to her only child…the dude…and so I present to you Oma’s Wuerstchen & Kartoffelsalat (Sausages & Potato Salad): Continue reading

Simply Delicious Gluten and Lactose Free Carrot Cake

Summertime on the farm meant a lot of hard, dirty work but Grandma always managed to steal some extra time to make birthdays & other occasions special with her unique Garden Parties. With her own flock of kids joined by school mates, cousins & other youngsters from the area frolicking in the garden, Grandma would be busy in the kitchen whipping up a feast of treats!

Here’s my version of Grandma’s quick & easy garden party favourite (especially on rainy days):  Continue reading

The DIY (upcycled) Toy Nanny

Here’s a super simple idea to keep your little one’s toys from escaping!

The Toy Nanny keeps toys safe & clean. Attach one end to the car seat, stroller, baby carrier, shopping cart or high chair, and the other end to the toy, that’s it! Easy! It’s great for sippy cups & pacifiers too! Here’s how to make one:

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How to (not) get married in Germany

DISCLAIMER: This my personal experience of how I (a Canadian) married my German spouse in Denmark in 2011 and avoided the insanity of attempting to get married in Germany as a foreigner.

I am unable to provide any further marriage in Denmark information or assistance than the information provided below.

Speaking from experience, (as a non-EU citizen) trying to get married to a German in Germany is as impossible as it is frustrating. The mountains of completely unnecessary paperwork; running from this office to that office; getting all of the certified documents within a specific time frame; trying to get a Ledigkeitsbescheinigung – a certified letter  from a government office in your home country confirming  your single status – something that the German authorities insist on having BUT does not actually exist outside of Germany, (the Canadian embassy now offers a “Certificate in lieu of non-impediment to marriage certificate for German registrar” for a fee) the list is as confusing as it is endless. This video made by the talented &  clever Andrew Bossum (aka rewboss) illustrates all of the insanity perfectly (although rewboss is an EU citizen & had to jump through a few less hoops than those of us without EU passports)

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Open Faced Apple Pie

Grandma & her brood

You know when you have a craving for something but don’t realize you haven’t enough ingredients until you’re almost done making it?

That’s exactly how my Open Face Apple Pie was born!

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The Refashioned Sweet Lil’ Baby Dress

Our little darling has a long torso & outgrows onesies at an alarming rate. They still fit easily over her head but are too short to snap closed at the bottom. I came up with a sweet n’ simple solution:

Here’s how to make your own:

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Self Employment Visa – or – how I became legal in Germany

DISCLAIMER: This my personal experience of how I (a Canadian) received my first 1 year freelancer/self employment visa (Freiberufliche Tätigkeit) in 2008 + how I extended it for 2 more years & then got my insanely easy unlimited spouse/marriage visa in 2010.

I am unable to provide any further German visa assistance than the information provided below.

Please keep in mind that I am not a German visa expert & have not had any further “German visa experience” since receiving my spouse visa in 2010. Information may have changed since I applied for my first freelancer visa in 2008 so I highly recommend checking with the German embassy in your home country or contacting your nearest Ausländerbehörde if you’re already in Germany:

Ausländerbehörde Berlin: 

The Self Employment visa is the least complicated to get if you are an architect, artist, language teacher or have profession that can be easily proven to work on a freelance basis (ie: graphic design, catering, hairstylist, etc…).

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Grandma’s comforting oatmeal cookies

Grandma, Mom & 3 of my Aunts (just 4 of the 11 kids!)

My Grandma’s kitchen smelled wonderful. Freshly baked bread, hearty soups, roasted meats, cakes, muffins and cookies…there was always something on the go. One of the best aromas to ever emanate from the oven came from Grandma’s oatmeal cookies. This simple to make treat would have my many cousins and I running through the house to “smell” the kitchen (& anxiously await the first batch)! Now when I make them my own munchkin comes running! Continue reading

Bulky diaper boxes to funky storage: an upcycling tutorial

Since our little stinker now fits into size 3 diapers we’ve finally been able to buy them in bulk cartons of 92 & 100 (instead of trying to cart home 4 separate packages of 28 in each – for twice the price! We’re finding out that the smaller things are, the more expensive they get!). It’s great have so many diapers in the house at one time but it seems such a waste to squash & recycle the sturdy boxes they come in. I found a great way to utilize both sizes of diaper boxes reducing the amount of cardboard needed to be recycled & giving us (& our friends) cool new storage!

*Any size of boxes will do as long one can easily fit inside of the other.

What you need:

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Make baby’s pants comfy

Why do baby pants always have such tight elastic waists? Any pants within my girlie’s size radius leave nasty red marks on her tummy (even the ones that are sized 2 – 3 months larger!). Either I have a massive bellied babe or manufacturers are clueless…

Not wanting to pack them away just yet,  I figured out a quick & easy way to extend the life of her barely worn pants by using whatever stretchy cotton/jersey fabric is on hand:

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